The Sky Won’t Fall proclaims Stevie Nimmo

The Sky Won’t Fall proclaims Stevie Nimmo

The Sky Won’t Fall proclaims Stevie Nimmo



The combination of powerful lyrics, blues guitar of such purity it makes you weep and a Nimmo’s vocals we can be sure The Sky Won’t Fall when there is music of this magnitude being created.

Opening with sonic creaks and squeals, and actually with a flick of a switch and feedback it works – Why? Your attention is gained and then a mighty riff. The world is fine when Stevie Nimmo’s music is coursing through your veins. Chains Of Hope may be broken in the opening rock blues number but as he sings the Sky Won’t Ever Fall. Even Chicken Licken of the children’s tale would cease to worry about the sky falling down no need to dash off to a King he would just sit back and let the resplendent music cascade over him. This is music that connects and feels like an old friend from the first note; this is music fixed deep in your soul. There is nothing gentle about the vocals this is a voice that has travelled and overcome adversity and the experience shapes and forms the emotion of blues from the heart. There is no way of ignoring Roll The Dice Again in a review it is slick and slides out of the speakers seeping deep into the soundtrack that follows you around.

The power of the blues is always in the song. Without the song however good the musicianship there is nothing. Here we have everything ten strong songs and musicianship and timing that are the perfect sonic punctuation for the lyrics. Running Back To You is mellow, full of soulfulness and pathos, slower measured and addictive. There is a yearning in the chords as the guitar cries and the rhythm section keeps the beat driving on a song with shape and purpose. You just want to listen again.

Stevie Nimmo went to Superfly Studios and has created ten gorgeous songs with his band Craig Bacon on Drums & Matt Beable on Bass. His brother’s band King King’s drummer Wayne Procter was in charge of production. Wow what an album, production is precise with layers of warmth. The lyrics curl around your brain, Stevie’s voice growls, cajoles and touches your soul and then the guitar riffs that capture the tension of the six-strings creating a sound that is his and his alone. The Sky Won’t Fall is Blues that has the granite power of rock twisting around the back ground but never overpowering.

The album is a mix of tones, texture and tempos. Seven tracks in and you are Still Hungry for more music. This is power-driven rock-blues of the highest order. A track that would work well if stood out alone, surely this will get acres of radio play. It is full of smokey riffs, power and rocks your socks off!

All too soon the album is drawing to the end like a show you want to go on this is an album that has the same feeling. With lighter shading Lovin’ Might Do Us Good is a sunny song, upbeat and makes you smile. The guitar tone changes for the last track Love You Tonight an intimate number where Stevie does that magic trick you feel he is singing for you and you alone.

The album is a delicious helping of tone and energy, catch him on tour starting Thursday 4th February Co-headlining with Ben Poole you are in for a live music bonanza. Gamblers Roll is punctuated by Craig’s drumming against Stevie’s vocals and sharp guitar riffs. Stevie Nimmo’s The Sky Won’t Fall simply is British blues that sparkles and flows like a highland burn when the dark clouds are pierced by a ray of sunshine. The sunshine is all Stevie Nimmo’s, his lyrics, guitar and vocals sending ripples down the spine.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Stevie Nimmo – Sky Won’t Fall  Release date 4th March 2016 on Manhaton Records

Track Listing

  1. Chains of Hope
  2. Roll The Dice Again
  3. Change
  4. Running On Back To You
  5. Walk The Thin Line
  6. I’ll Pray For You
  7. Still Hungry
  8. Gambler’s Roll
  9. Lovin’ Might Do Us Good
  10. Love You More Tonight

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