The Outlaw Orchestra Announcing Debut Album

The Outlaw Orchestra Announcing Debut Album

The Outlaw Orchestra Announcing Debut Album The Most wanted Debut - Pantomine Villians - out Friday 29th May a juicy helping of Heavy Grass

The Most wanted Debut – Pantomine Villians – out Friday 29th May

Ever-rebellious, Southern Country Rock-influenced, 4-piece powerhouse, The Outlaw Orchestra are delighted to announce the release date for their debut album ‘Pantomime Villains’. The 10-track bundle of foot-stomping fun will drop on Friday 29th May.  

The Outlaw Orchestra formed in mid-2016. The Orchestra brings together David Roux (guitars/lead vocals); Ryan Smith (drums/percussion/vocals); Pete Briley (banjo/lap steel/vocals); and Alex Barter (double bass/vocals). Sounding like they’ve been steeped in moonshine since birth, the band do indeed hail from the Deep South – of the United Kingdom. Southampton, to be precise.

The Outlaw Orchestra’s colourful moniker comes from two things that matter big time to the band; Accomplished musicianship brings the ‘Orchestra’ to the party, whilst their deep-set taste for irreverence, not playing by the rules, rebel hearts and sheer energy bring in the ‘Outlaw’ contingent. 

The Outlaw Orchestra’s distinctive sound and style defies simple genre labels and laughs out loud in the face of pigeonholing. They’ve cooked up a unique jambalaya blend, rich in hard Southern and 70s-style Rock (like Lynyrd Skynyrd & early ZZ Top) into which they’ve tossed Cajun, Dixie, Country, even Flamenco — all laced with their signature dish, special ingredient ‘Heavy Grass’, and generous helpings of prime quality fun, sounding like Hank Williams Jnr soloing on a slap fiddle saluting traditional British rock in an old-time feel quartet set in a Louisiana Backroom bar.

So why ‘Pantomime Villains’? The Outlaws have something to say on that score. “I can’t roll a cigarette, but I can roll a G,” says Banjo Picker Pete, “This is Southern Vaudeville this is a soundtrack for Pantomime Villains”.

Welcome to the show!” says Dave, with trademark theatrical flair, “We didn’t lie to you, folks: we told you that we had living, breathing musical monstrosities – these songs didn’t ask to get written: seven chromatic notes and the lost chord – now living, breathing sonic enfants terrible!”

“You’ve got to listen BOTH ways before you cross this symphonious freeway. It’s cowtown America meets Sheffield steel; it’s singing for your dinner on the road; it’s Love Songs for Dogs; it’s cosmic anecdotes”.

Like many live bands, The Outlaw Orchestra has had to postpone gigs coming up in the near future, but they’ll be rescheduled. “Until then,” say the band, “we will be playing online gigs and live podcasts whereby you can watch the show at home. We’ll keep you updated on when it’ll happen”. Tune into The Outlaw Orchestra Facebook page and bring your own beer – no taxis needed: The Outlaw Orchestra rides and is coming to you!

The Outlaw Orchestra Announcing Debut Album
Photo credits – Will Carter of Two Finger Media

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