The Most Ugly Child Capturing Copper & Lace Country

The Most Ugly Child Capturing Copper & Lace CountryOut of the Midlands UK and straight into a swirling country with the lyric led songs as the hard edge of metallic copper is softened by the delicate intricacies of lace. The six-piece, The Most Ugly Child knows how to whip up a storm, bring on the hoe-down with a country fueled barn dance foot-tapping melee of laughs and skirts swirling to the beat. The twelve tracks are infused with warmth and energy as is the song-writing of duo Daniel Wright and Stevie -Leigh Goodison. Joining the pair are Matt Cutler and Max Johnson (The Broom Hill String Band), Nicole J Terry (The Rip-Roaring Success) on fiddle ‘Big’ Jim Widdop (The Sadies, Los Pacaminos) on pedal steel and Dobro. The Most Ugly Child Capturing Copper & Lace Country is definitely full of joy.

Opening with What Might have been the piano plays honky-tonk with a country fair flair music that makes you smile and want to clap and dance as they sing What Might Have Been. The sound is huge as they drench the speakers with a cavalcade of sounds that bends and melds shaping the melodies around the vocals. The almost-title song is a play on the game Rock, Paper, Scissors with the title of Paper, Linen, Copper Lace reflecting the album title. This clever play on words is country fun that has the depth of classics and the fun and twisting of the shapes that makes this Midlands band zing with modernity. The songs are taken from the classic mainstays of country, love, heartbreak, alcohol and travel that are pulled together by the honky-tonk. The album pulls you on through the tracks at a pace, no song is ever rushed just the enthusiasm, vim & vigour makes the music sparkle. They re-charge and invigorate every note they touch as demonstrated on Townes Van Zandt’s Lungs wow what a version. This band has two vocalists adding the poser of duets that work as they harmonise and then the two voices exchange lyrics with each other on Just Another Lesson in Pain. Closing out this country ride shaped with blues, powerful rhythms a twist of funk and a twirl of Jazz we close with a gentle ballad My Pony. A sad tale of My Pony told with simplicity, compassion and hope.  It gives us time to draw breath and catch up with a band that on the album Copper and Lace captures and energises the listener. What an exciting sound live they must be exhilarating, in the meantime Copper And Lace will keep my feet tapping.


The Most Ugly Child Capturing Copper & Lace Country

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. What Might Have Been
  2. Golden Gates
  3. Roses
  4. Paper Linen Copper Lace
  5. Lungs
  6. Just Another Lesson In Pain
  7. Lost Gone Woman Blues
  8. Today, You Said Goodbye
  9. The Bottle & The Fall
  10. Those Were The Days
  11. Queen of Honky Tonk
  12. My Pony


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