The Moon Goes Boom encapsulating a Boom through the Blues

boom-live-cover-webThe Moon Goes Boom encapsulating a Boom through the Blues

The Boom Band
The Moon Goes Boom – Live in London

Every live album should have the energy, joy and sheer delight at performing like the seven musicians who went boom in Putney. Listening you just wish you had been there you know you missed an evening that will always be talked about dividing people into those WHO WERE THERE and the rest. The upside the rest can have the music in the part of your collection that never gathers dust. The Boom Band are modern British Blues full of verve and a panache for blending the lick of the guitar with sweeping keys and the vocal that delivers on every track. If America has Americana to describe a mix of styles rooted in blues then we should have Bluesiana and The Boom Band its ambassadors – they will kick out the cobwebs and revitalize the popular appeal of blues with a ripple of rock n’ roll.

Opening with Diamonds In The Rust, Marcus Bonafanti’s larger than life presence is immediately felt with his warm rich baritone. Every track has a special moment as members of the band take centre stage, with a sweep of Paddy Milner’s key, a lick of the guitar, combined with Mark Butcher’s guitar shapes as deft as those he shaped with a cricket bat Under the Skin. Paddy’s keys augment so many of the tracks he is the Boom Band’s not so secret weapon. He takes the lead on Junko Partner where Orleans meets East End Sing-a-long with the jaunty Junko Partner and Paddy Milner on the ivories and vocals combined with Jon Amor guitar no wonder the crowds whooped yet again with delight. Jon Amor’s vocals come to the fore on Moonshine combined with his guitar creating a tonal landscape full of ripples and silver. Every time I hear Jon play I cannot understand why he is not an instantly recognisable star, his song writing is sublime, and guitar playing that makes you weep with emotional intent and vocals that caress the lyrics. In fact the Boom Band consists of musicians who are at the top of their game and the plaudits will come flying in as this album shows the depth of talent. They produce a sound full of sonic turns and tension that is perfect whether listening live or recorded as the instrumental Monty’s Theme proves. Over half way through the album Marcus takes the mic and is his own irrepressible self as the guitar picks up the melody and we hear When You Come Home, as ever it is his vocals that warm up the atmosphere and you are captivated within his lyrical clutch. Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home keeps the home theme going with four guitarist in the group this is no dual of who can play loudest their inter-play adding textured tones with Matt Taylor’s riffs and vocals this is a winner.
Then another twist in the road with some ‘ Old Time Blues, Lighten’ Slim’s, Rooster Blues’ and you have to tap your feet and the reality as the hips swing the only solution is get up and dance at The Half Moon In Putney on a Friday night. Closing the album with a title that sums up the ethics and working attitude of the Boom Band We Can Work Together. Throughout the album the rhythm section, Evan Jenkins drumming and bassist Jon Noyce are superb building a foundation that allows the Boom band to create a night where, The Moon Goes Boom

The Moon Goes Boom encapsulating a Boom through the Blues – as they blend the tones and shapes of urban, country modern and British Blues.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Diamonds in the Rust
2. Under the Skin
3. Junko Partner
4. Red Eye of the Devil
5. Moonshine
6. Monty’s Theme
7. Waste My Time
8. When You Come Home
9. Can’t Find My Way Home
10. I’m a Ram
11. Rooster Blues
12. Don’t You Just Know It
13. We Can Work Together

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