The Della Grants ~ Time For Change

Scan0004This is a debut album that has a maturity of sound and celebrates the wall of sound of British Rhythm and Blues with loads of attitude hitting all the right notes as they twist in some driving rock riffs.  This is soulful blues and as with any band serious about the blues the attention has to be in the lyrics and then the vocals sharing the tale with you and  Maxx Manning does that with his voice that sears through the combined musicianship of the rhythm section, bassist  Andy Boulton & Tom Walker on drums. This is a trio who have played together for many years and the addition of Tom Best on guitar and vocals adds another dimension allowing Maxx the freedom to truly explore the lyrical heights of his stunning voice.  This is music that slides into the blues spectrum picking up the tones from the Delta converting them so they reflect British Blues as they share ten tracks that are self-penned and reflect the energy, drive and depth of musicianship of The Della Grants when they play live. This is achieved by putting the album together over six days keeping the sound fresh and not over thinking the detail.  The result is an album that has a depth of sound and continuity and a very high standard of true music production. The cover is not one of the well-chosen pack but Keb’ Mo’s Am I Wrong, with its dirty delta guitar and a hand clapping hip jigging beat and a great lyrical tale fits neatly as a glove with the tracks of the album.

Opening with Too Fast the tempo is just right to pull you in as Maxx weaves his vocal magic and there is a similarity in tone to Marcus Bonfanti and the guitar lead break pulls the tempo along, not too fast or too long it is just right.  This is no copycat sound it is The Della Grants interpretation of the blues and making certain the lyrics are there to tell a narrative that is worth listening to. Lay My Head  is an upbeat number that has the feel of a jam that has been honed and has the perfect mix blues harp distorted and falling through the speaker courtesy of Tom and guitars that sweeten the whole mix up is led by some powerful drumming and then the guitar and vocals lick in and the story begins “Two times a hero once a villain …. like a time-bomb where did it all go wrong Tick Tock  Truth Don’t Cost A  Penny” is the reprise of this drum loaded track that makes you sit up and take notice.  Fairground Soul is Country blues with a layer of soul and there is a yearning sorrowful tone reflected in the pedal steel as the song plucks at your heartstrings. Greed To Feed is a fast guitar led track with the interplay between Maxx and Tom once again shows the power of two guitars that reflect each other’s tones and not a battle of who can play louder and faster. Closing with Awkward Feeling, the album has taken us through the textures and tones from Texas to the Delta and across the Atlantic; this is a slower number that leaves you knowing there is nothing awkward about this band producing a sound that should be heard throughout the land and at festivals. Why they know their blues and can entertain with soulful and deep musicianship. If this is a debut they have set the bar very high for the much awaited second album at Bluesdoodles HQ.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….

The Della Grants ~ Time For Change – Independent

Track Listing

  1. Too Fast
  2. Weaker Man
  3. Lay My Head
  4. Truth Don’t Cost A Penny
  5. Fairground Soul
  6. But You Don’t
  7. Circus Debut
  8. Am I Wrong (Keb’ Mo’)
  9. Greed To Feed
  10. Keeping Me Away From You (Featuring Mark Stanway)
  11. Awkward Feeling




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