The Convent turns up the volume with Northsyde

Northsyde-1844The Convent turns up the volume with Northsyde

Sunday 13th December 2015


Northsyde-1887Any nuns in the house wished that their wimples had bobbles so that they could join in the fun that is Northsyde, a band with bucket loads of blues attitude delivering music their way. From the Alter to the Bar – The Convent was alive with the sound of Northsyde.  As ever the band was led from the front by vocalist extraordinaire Lorna Fothergill, tonight she definitely meant business her trademark bobble hat had not one but two bobbles. Lorna is more than a singer as she bends the band around the sumptuous notes that filled the rafters. The rest of the band are a well-honed trio of musicians a rhythm section that funks up the line when necessary and then with a twirl of a drum stick kicks in rocky blues, Haydn Doyle and Ian Mauricio are in perfect harmony. That leaves the guitarist Jules Fothergill, his skills are awesome whether finger-picking using plectrum or slide the sound cascades from the guitar filling in and augmenting the spaces around Lorna’s intense vocals.


Northsyde-1873The set was strong with tracks from their albums including the critically acclaimed current Story Tellers Daughter; added into the mix was Northsyde’s versions of some specially chosen songs; including what has become a Northsyde signature track – Whipping Post by The Allman Brothers. This is special for two reasons the way Lorna sings the lyrics combined with the perfectly timed and quite beautiful guitar solo from Jules.  For me the tracks that showed Northsyde at their very best were Hard Shoes, one of my favourites; the title track of their current album and Cherry Picking.


Northsyde-1863What makes Northsyde stand out from the crowd is the passion and energy as they captivate the crowd with songs that wind around your emotions and seep in to your musical DNA.


Northsyde-1849Northsyde always excites, tonight at the convent the volume was turned up to ten and the alter shook with delight no-one was drowning tonight we were energised and entertained.  The gig may have been a ‘secret gig’ at The Convent; there is no doubt that the word will spread and those that missed out hearing them live will dash to catch the sound on Netgig.

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