The Brew Shake The Tree of Blues Rock

The Brew Shake The Tree of Blues Rock

The Brew Shake The Tree
of Blues Rock

A common saying is “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!” Well it is the case with father and son partnership an s part of the trio that is The Brew. Here it is about control and rhythm of Smiths Bass & Drums, Father Tim on bass and Kurtis on drums. This is the trampoline that has the movement to act as the springboard for the charismatic, full on rock blues guitar phenomenon that is Jason Berwick.

Shake The Tree the fifth studio album building on the momentum of Control, continuing the fruitful collaboration with producer Toby Jepson and Vale Studios. This is rock full of the blues the sound is loud, hot and ferocious but the music is not shaken but stirred with control. The ten tracks change shape and move through the album with the sinuous mesmerizing form of a snake, sometimes threatening then back in control and relaxing in the blue halo of the rock fuelled music.

Yes, the instrumentation is solid with great bass riffs, drums that demand attention and guitar licks that excite and add to the tension, all of this would be hollow without vocals and Jason’s just hit the sweet spot every time. The trio has created a sound that has the verve and energy of a live show in the studio, the blues-rock flows full of interest like a storm that would Shake The Tree, then they pull back and there is a momentary respite in the blizzard of notes.

The opening three numbers are loud, fast and intoxicating and definitely will Shake the Trees so that the leaves surround its roots that pull up the blues into the trio’s music, that has guitar breaks that hurl you into a stratosphere of notes, as Hendrix, Paige, Moore and Vaughan collide and are reformed by Berwick. The trio paints a vivid picture reflecting the songs, the title track is an ode to living and listening to the album you are enjoying life to the max.

Phew! Need a moment to reflect, and Black Hole Soul does that as blues takes over with a soulful rush in the intro, this is no slow walk in the park, and no ballads it is how the young energetic guns The Brew take a break with an electric number. There is no acoustic as on the previous album this is electric Rock N Roll from beginning to end.

Rock n Roll Dealer, with deep bass drum the drive is immense and you are drawn deeper into The Brew sound energised and wanting to hear more of the trio from Grimsby. The beat moves on and now we are given an insight into Small Town Faces, is refrained and reflected as they explore the frustrations of experiencing big ideas in a claustrophobic environment trapped by the lack of dreams surrounding you. How do escape through music yes, go on Shake the Tree you will never be sure where the music will fall and take you!

My Juliet, is a calmer and closes the journey The Brew has taken us on with an opening flourish from the drums and guitar lead breaks are full of depths that Jason explores with confidence as the six strings are controlled and shaped to bring blues deep into The Brew’s rock face. There is no doubt that Shake The Tree is accomplished musicianship of the highest standing.

Shake The Tree – The BrewJazzhaus

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Track Listing

  1. Johnny Moore
  2. Knife Edge
  3. Shake The Tree
  4. Black Hole Soul
  5. Without You
  6. Rock ‘n’ Roll Dealer
  7. Name On A Bullet
  8. Small Town Faces
  9. Ambassador To The Lonely
  10. My Juliet

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