The Bloody Nerve get in on The Act II

The Bloody Nerve get in on The Act II

The Bloody Nerve get in on The Act II a great band delivering diverse rock with twists & turns…take time to listen and you will be rewarded.

Bluesdoodles rating: 4 Doodle Paws – a wonderful EP from a great band delivering diverse rock with twists and turns…take time to listen and you will be rewarded.

When an artist decides to “release an album in instalments”, I always wonder about the motivation…the cynic in me suggests either all the tracks aren’t ready or maybe money is involved; the other option being a genuine desire to build impetus and tension. With Nashville based The Bloody Nerve, however, it seems there is a very sound reason behind the series of releases. Laurie Ann Layne, one half of the duo that front the band, explains: “We started this idea before the shit hit the fan [the pandemic], but we had decided to release the album in episodes. Like a Netflix series, except one by one so each song gets its due. Albums have always been ‘binge-listened’ like Netflix show are now. So we’ll adopt classic TV. Get some mileage out of it.”
Stacey Blood, the other half, expands on the content: “The story basically speaks about the battle of individualism and collectivism that is somehow still raging on today, and the implications.”

So these releases, under the title All Blood, No Treasure are a coherent concept that they have wrapped in rock. Each track has been released as a single and each is an individual episode, so Act I has three, as does the latest EP, Act II: Reckoning. Act I (Retrograde)was summed up admirably by Liz our esteemed editor: Expect your senses to be jolted as the sound escapes and builds across your speakers. The music is raw, loud and assaults your soul with lyrics that have a sting in their tail. Listen and absorb the details, remember the devil is in the detail. Never truer than in this punk fueled rock number, beautifully sung with tasty riffs.

The latest three starts with the concept title, All Blood, No Treasure, and the gloves are off as they deliver a hefty rock song that snarls as much as Stacey’s vocals. Down To The Letter is still rock, but with a sort of 80s sheen and a feel of the radio-friendly rock, a lot of those bands were addicted to. In fact, Peter Gabriel comes to mind with the Sledgehammer hints although the guitar chords are way heavier and it is always pure Nerve. The real bonus is a superb guitar solo.
Doin’ All Day is prison slang for a life sentence apparently: its acoustic build-up with gospel and blues overtones is the best of the lot (including Act I in my humble) as the pair share lead vocals and deliver a complex yet accessible blues song with some delightful electric guitar introducing the powerhouse riff for the central section. Another quality solo runs through the extended close.

A great band delivering diverse rock with twists and turns…take time to listen and you will be rewarded with some multi-layered quality rock.

The Bloody Nerve get in on The Act II

Track listing:
All Blood, No Treasure
Down To The Letter
Doin’ All Day

Laurie Ann Layne: vocals
Stacey Blood: guitar, vocals
Bobby Blood: bass
Rich Russo: drums
(Interesting fact, Bobby is Stacey’s Dad.)

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(iTunes ignores ‘the’ in its filing system the next in line is one of my favourite bands from the late 60s who virtually invented heavy rock…Blue Cheer served up some serious music and I picked out their riotous, genius take on Summertime Blues, with a short diversion and enjoyed the 90 second brilliantly named instrumental Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger.)

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