Suzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New Album

Suzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New Album

Suzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New Album


Roll back the carpet, roll back the years grab the hairbrush or air bass guitar.  I bet many of you remember singing into your hair brush or playing your air bass guitar with relish along to Suzi Quatro. Well, Suzi is back with a double album of delights The Best Is Legend. “The hits are the hits”, says Suzi about the Best Of Album’, “but as Mickie Most always told me ‘your self-penned songs are the meat of what you do Suzi’. Enjoy some of my personal choices.” Twenty tracks Suzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New Album.

Opening the tour through Suzi’s choices is Can The Can; instantly transported back to the summer of 1973 when her second solo single became a U.K. number one; the rest is the legend as Quatro became the first female bass player to be a major rock star.  The music takes you back to a different time and place, re-mastered there is a freshness and the instantly recognizable driving pace and energy. Interspersed with the hits Devil Gates Drive, 48 Crash, Your Mamma Won’t Like You and Daytona Demon there are others that reconnect with the Quatro sound that was much more varied than the hits that you straightaway think of.

With the closing three numbers, 15 Minutes of Fame; Free The Butterfly and Dancing in The Wind demonstrating the depth and addictive, ear-worm quality of Suzie Quatro;  15 Minutes of Fame feels as relevant today with the desire for instant fame that has spawned so many ‘TV talent shows’. As Suzie sings the chorus 15 minutes of fame, Andy Warhol used to say, 15 minutes of fame they steal your star away come shine a light down on me take a bow, this is now 15 minutes of fame. The mood changes with horns and gentle vocals on Free The Butterfly, from a later album reflective connecting to life’s lessons and linking to the previous track.  To close out we are back with octane fuelled bass as we are Dancing in the Wind from her 2006 album Back To Drive.

The selection has been chosen with care showing facets of Suzi Quatro that have been forgotten, tracks not heard as later albums have not been explored. This is a collection that is autobiographical, tracing the road in music that Suzi Quatro has traveled It is more than going back to the seventies it is about celebrating the first woman of rock who with her bass, leathers and vocal power entertained and brightened the world.

Is this just another heritage album? Perhaps? What is certain the music brings a smile to your face and gets the feet tapping. Lovers of energised, melodic rock will welcome every track into their collection.

Collected together are four original RAK studio albums released between 1975 and 1979. The albums have been re-mastered available on gold Double Vinyl, CD and digitally. Pre-order Via Pledge . In addition to this, there is a Spotify facility allowing fans to pre-save direct into their accounts. This function will automatically add Suzi’s upcoming releases to Spotify Libraries via a free subscription button Pre-Save via Spotify

Suzi Quatro –  Legend – Chrysalis Records
Release Friday 22nd September

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Can The Can
  2. Shine My Machine
  3. 48 Crash
  4. Skin Tight Skin
  5. Daytona Demon
  6. Devil Gate Drive
  7. Cat Size
  8. Too Big
  9. Michael
  10. Half As Much As Me
  11. Stumblin’ In
  12. If You Can’t Give Me Love
  13. Suicide
  14. Wiser Than You
  15. She’s In Love With You
  16. Hollywood
  17. 15 Minutes of Fame
  18. Free The Butterfly
  19. Dancing in the Wind

Suzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New Album

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