Sunjay – SUNJAY ~ CD Review

Under license to New Mountain Music
Release Date 29th September 2014

This self-titled new album sees SUNJAY a talented young singer and acoustic guitarist who is folk with a twist of modernity. On this his third album he collaborates with a plethora of established musicians giving the album a range of tones and styles that showcase the vocals and guitar playing skills of Sunjay.
Going Down The Road has hints of Gaelic roots with the fiddle and backing vocals courtesy of Katriona, as the lyrics take you on a country journey. Travelling is redolent on the next track Sailing To Philadelphia and once again the lyrical confidence of the vocals draws you in to the tale and the guitar picking is mesmerising add the haunting wistfulness of how things can be different if we leave our homeland in search of freedom over the sea.
John Hiatt’s, Memphis In The Meantime tips his hat and playing style at country, and the way he combines guitar with vocals are like Don Mclean easy to listen to while full of hidden depths. Close Your Eyes has a fading of the day type of tempo almost a lullaby but with a twist of up misery that makes it sound like folk telling the blues this is easy listening exemplified, but not lazy I can care less about what is on the background music. The closing track is pure acoustic folk with a musical look at life of a modern folk troubadour – A Folk Singer Earns Every Dime!
Sunjay has selected ten golden tracks all with interesting lyrics and shaped them to suit his style so that the album is uniquely his, and you get to know the artist; it is a strength rather than a weakness we are not seeing an array of self-penned ditties that do not do the artist justice. There are plenty of singer/songwriters whose skills do not hit the spot like Sunjay on this album has if you have not seen him live and you certainly will be on the lookout for him performing near you in the future. In the meantime you have this album where it feels as if he is not singing into an empty studio but directly to you as you relax. The production by Eddy Morton is spot on the sound, feel and atmosphere produced suits Sunjay’s style and accentuates all of his many skills. To sum up this is an album full of nooks and crannies of musical maturity and a delight to listen to, if you love guitar, strong vocals and lyrics load up the stereo sit back and let wave after wave of quality fall out the speaker and flow deep in to your soul.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing

1. London Road (Morton)
2. Drop Down Mama (Brain)
3. Going Down The Road (McCasin)
4. Sailing To Philadelphia (Knopfler)
5. Memphis In The Meantime (Hiatt)
6. No Regrets (Rush)
7. You Don’t Mess Around with Jim (Croce)
8. Close Your Eyes (Taylor)
9. Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Brain)
10. A Folk Singer Earns Every Dime ( Buskin – Battedu)

Sunjay – Vocals, Guitar and Feet

Buzby ByWaters – Double Bass
Katriona Gilmore (Gilmore & Roberts) – Fiddle & Background Vocals
Eddy Morton (The Bushbury Mountain Daredevils) – Harmonica, Mandolin, Organ, Percussion and Background Vocals
Sarah Smout (The Gren Bartley Band) – Cello & Background Vocals
Liam Genockey (Seeleye Span) – Drums
Lee Southall – Harmonica
Dan Walsh (Walsh & Pound) – Banjo
Dan Owen – Harmonica

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