Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!

Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!

Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!


This is a flash of solid blue acoustic steel with Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems the bedrock of roots music since the dawn of time. The eleven original tracks from the Peterborough based duo explore Life… And Other problems picking up the lament that has ensured blues is the home of lyrics exploring life and the problems that appear. Yes, the tracks are all original the lyrics reflections of the two Richards experiences using the melodic structure and framework of Delta blues. The duo is  – vocals & Harmonica Richard Gibson & Vocals and Guitar Richard Turner. AS you listen to the music the influences are apparent as they bend the harp, construct the chords and shape the vocals. The influences are deep in the delta where the journey started, this is no modern reworking of the beat, and rhythms are direct from the blues.

Opening the album with crisp acoustic guitar and harp driving the music as they sing I’m Coming Home (on The Morning Train) do not expect a  train song with harp whistles this is deeper more earthy with gospel spiritual feel. This tone is picked up later with Going to the River to Pray. Half way through the album we meet The Funk Monkey; the tempo is faster and the sound edgier with the harp piercing, joining Travelling West with its urgency as a pair of instrumentals. These were for me a shade too long and the restrains repeated too often; that said they held the attention.

Life Is A Problem, reflects the clever, witty title Life…And Other Problems; the tone is blues sharp from guitar and harp acting as a counterpoint to the gruffer vocals as the lyrics are unveiled. The juke joint is visited for upbeat foot-tapping Bukkas Boogie, raising the ghost Bukka T in a tribute of celebration. The music flows and the sound of the album immerses you deep in the sounds of historic Mississippi as we are left with the Steel Union Layin’ In Jail. This is music rooted deep in the past and at the time has a vibrancy that buzzes with delight from the guitar, harp and vocals.  An album for those who love their music traditional.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. I’m Coming Home (On The Morning Train)
  2. Nobody Knows (About The Trouble I’ve Seen)
  3. Jesus Told Me (To Kneel Down And Pray)
  4. Life Is A Problem
  5. The Funk Monkey
  6. Run Down Blues
  7. Going To The River To Pray
  8. Travelling West
  9. Lift The Darkness
  10. Bukkas Boogie


Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!

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  1. […] It can be difficult when researching an artist without a big web presence so some advice before you search because you will want to find out more about R K Turner: he is not the US aviator, nor the metal fabricator…this one is more a blues resonator. RK (Rich) Turner is an acoustic blues slide guitar player and songwriter from Northamptonshire, and has released work under the Slide Tracked and Steel Union (Bluesdoodles back in 2017 reviewed Steel Union album ‘Life…and Othe Problems’). […]

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