Stat(u)e Of Mind Instrumental offering from Southpaw Steel’n’Twang

Stat(u)e Of Mind Instrumental offering from Southpaw Steel’n’Twang

Stat(u)e Of Mind

a mainly Instrumental offering from

Southpaw Steel’n’Twang



If you want an album that is traditional, quirk free and straightforward blues then Stat(u)e Of Mind a mainly Instrumental offering from Southpaw Steel’n’Twang is not for you. This though is not an album to be dismissed by anyone who likes music that experiments, refuses to be captured in stillness and constraints of genres then it really is worth listening to!

Southpaw Steel’n’Twang, a trio of musicians who explore the instrumental power of pedal and lap steel guitars conjuring up a country feel and the lapping beaches of Hawaii; combined with electric guitars they paint a musical montage that shapes the tonal context of the music. The trio from Finland and out of St Louis, Ville “Lefty” Leppänen in addition to Lap & pedal steel he adds vocals to the occasional track on something his voice creates a blues/country ballad adding interest as the album draws to a close. Lefty also performs with Micke Bjorklof a rock Blues band who we have reviewed. The rhythm section gives them a musical depth thanks to bassist JP Mönkkönen and the drumming from Tero Mikkonen.

Stat(u)e Of Mind is an album where the trio explores blues, pushes the boundaries and escaping all constraints delivers an album that is innovative and full of interest. The tempos change and the influences distilled with jazz and freeform blues weaving in and out of guitar that is at times played with traditional feel. Duel is a track where the electric guitar rocks and the dual between drums and guitar makes for a dramatic interplay between the instruments.

This is progressive music that borrows from the blues re-forming the sound and shape to be the uniquely stylish Southpaw Steel’n’Twang. The opening track Gateway is a short snippet of the style and approach you will hear on the whole album Stat(u)e Of Mind. Aloha Garage, opens with a drum solo and then guitars join in with the raw and exciting playing from Lefty the interplay between them makes the track and an interesting musical journey to follow. Then some laid back pedal steel on Blue Jean the music washes over you with that distinctive twang and tone. Closing with Sergio the sound is almost primeval the drums have a deep incessant beat, then the guitar cascades in like a waterfall of chords and you are taken deep into a new landscape slightly sinister, definitely evoking of many a western and gun fights between two angry men.

Southpaw Steel’n’Twang, have managed to paint landscapes of sound as the trio deliver Stat(u)e Of Mind their latest album recorded mainly in St Louis at the Firebrand Recording studios. This is cutting edge music full of innovative energy, they have explored the blues and created their own sound.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Gateway
2. Gentle Storm
3. Aloha Garage
4. Water
5. Route 68
6. Blue Jean
7. Lotto
8. Hooverville
9. Ilo
10. Something
11. Duel
12. Dimpala
13. Almost Too Beautiful
14. Sergio

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