Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro



New album for the New Year from the Americana singer-songwriter Martin Harley and bass player Daniel Kimbro. A winning combination as they twist the blues through the Americana roots acoustic music they play with aplomb.

The album is breathtakingly beautiful as they cast the spell of music emotionally charged, played with style creating Static In The Wire that sends shivers of connectivity through your spine. The winning combination starts with strong lyrics, the power of telling a story through a song and Martin’s guitar with the distinctive sound of the Weissenborn and added to the mix is the double bass blossoming with an array of sounds and tones under the skilful guidance of Daniel Kimbro.

Opening with One Horse Town, a perfect introduction for the next fifty minutes of music that simply delights. Sit back breath slowly and relax as the eleven tracks have a special quality the music static that makes the hairs stand up to attention at the back of your neck. One Horse Town has a country fair feel that something exciting is going to happen around the corner with its jaunty beat of a juke joint piano.

The dynamic sound the duo creates for the album that was tracked live at Wow & Flutter studios in East Nashville filled out with a selection of guests adding their shades to the static Harley & Kimbro create. The guests includes Jerry Douglas, Derek Mixon and Micah Hulsher and they add extra depth to the sound. The drums which sounded great in the kitchen, listen very careful and the sound of the freight train synonymous with the blues can be heard in the background.

With the music as lush and as precious as this roots delight it’s not surprising to find Gold. They reach deep into your emotional soul to root out gold that doesn’t glitter, is not cold metal but a moment of golden opportunity.

The album speeds up with the spinning and weaving of a melodic tone with Eastern allure as we are found Dancing on The Rocks. Another story the lyrics are the soul the melody the beating heart as we trace our fingers along the static wire. The pathos of This Little Bird that I tired of singing is reflected in the stark melody sharp and cruel as Martin’s vocals explore the feeling of the bird. A sad and poignant number with a chorus that pulls you deep into the song’s lyrics, this could be about any of us when tired of all that life throws at us.

Closing with Daniel Kimbro’s deep bass strings reverberating and Martin Harley intoning the vocals the song is dark deep and full of blues as in the Mean Old City – part 2.  The track is full of rhythmic tones and the guitar interrupting with a purity and a lighter feel. An album full of good solid lyrics and shapes of music from people this is folk that sings the blues.

Static In The Wire is proof perfect that slow, carefully formed acoustic music picking up traditional styles is not boring. It is full of deep emotions, coloured by experience, using the tones inherent in the instruments and engaging with the listener. Static In The Wires is timeless and for now and forever, Like  A Postcard From Hamburg will always be treasured by the owner.

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro – Static In the Wires – del Mundo Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. One Horse Town
  2. Feet
  3. Don’t Fail Me (feat. Jerry Douglas)
  4. Postcard From Hamburg
  5. Gold
  6. Sweet & Low
  7. My Lover’s Arms
  8. Dancing On The Rocks
  9. Trouble
  10. This Little Bird
  11. I Need A Friend
  12. Mean Old City

Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro

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