Small Town Talk with Ma Polaine’s Great Decline

Small Town Talk with Ma Polaine’s Great DeclineSmall Town Talk with
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline


Ma Polaine’s Great Decline have put together four tracks of quirky, unique, music which is grown up full of folk, roots and a colouring of the blues this duo packs a musical punch we all want to feel. Small Town Talk is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut album Got Me Out Of Hell.

Within the four tracks they have developed a studio based EP that has a different feel from the album as they experiment with the possibilities of a studio with sound that has layers and textures.

All four of the tracks are written by Beth Packer and Clinton Hough, who have the artistry to spin a musical tale which is as much about the unsaid, left to the imagination as the path their poetry takes you. Deep into the underbelly of small town gossip and intrigue.

The EP opens with a dark tale, full of percussive menace and the feeling of something in the shadows approaching you. Japanese Knotweed is not a missive of the invasions of exotic plant that starts in the garden and then goes on a rampage but instead of neighbours stalking. Compulsive listing with Beth Packer’s vocals adding to the intrigue.

The mood and tone changes, with Waiting For War, with guitar and the plaintive vocals of Beth as a ballad unfurls a story. Every listener will be able to interpret the lyrics depending on their own experiences, tears and fears another clever number. Leaving you with the inevitability that another war will happen sometime soon between lovers countries conflict which is part of our tapestry.

Never can you have Been Loved Too Much, the sadness and loneliness that Beth and Chris conjure through the music is the rendition of deep pain that shapes your thinking, dreams and hopes. This is pain that leaves you careless worthless and the accordion mimics with weeping qualities of the vocals.  The ballad has a live, intimate feel she is weaving her magic and singing directly at you.

Closing the quartet is Harvey, which lightens the mood with a country fair feel. The accordion and percussion has a feel of Groanbox numbers. Compelling listening as the Bank robbery leads Harvey to fail and die. Behind the lightness of tempo is a dark tale of pathos as Cajun meets country blues.

Ma Polaines Great Decline on this EP captures the roots of music and twists them with lyrics that tell a tale full of intrigue and hidden shadows.

SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

    1. Japanese Knotweed
    2. Waiting For War
    3. Been Loved Too Much
    4. Harvey


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