Luscious Music as SIMO play Let Love Show The Way

SIMO Luscious Music as SIMO play Let Love Show The Way

Let Love Show The Way
Mascot Label Group


The album, Let Love Show The Way full of luscious music hits you with blues that has a new psychedelic texture. SIMO’s version of Stranger Blues, it is exciting vibrant and flows with the swampy mix of guitar that squeals and bends its strings around the heat haze of the Mississippi delta and the combination of melodic and raw vocals.   This is an opening track full of hooks that make you want to hear much more of SIMO. This is a power trio that revolves around an authority mixed with the raw and blue talent that is JD Simo on guitar and vocals.

This is music with a deep blue psyche, bursting with anguish, hurt and life experiences. Lyrics embedded into the heart of the music with the guitar the dominant force as the chords act as the coloration of the moods and emotions expressed. None of this could happen without the balance and deep foundations of a rhythm section that is there in full force thanks to the drumming of Adam Abrashoff that has the capacity to punctuate the shape of the individual tracks and Elad Shapiro’s bass lines are full of tonal depth and energy allowing the guitar to build and soar into the blues stratosphere of an open sky.

Whoever says blues is boring and staid haven’t heard Let Love Show The Way, here SIMO plays the love of blues rooted deep in the musical lexicon continuing to delight with the mixes SIMO add to the Blues party.

Every track is different some are short almost fleeting as on Please which is upbeat with a nod across the Atlantic to The Beatles and upcountry to Motown, with its title not surprising this stomper is indebted to the legacy of Please Please Me. This is no cover but a short and sweet extension reworking the tempo with lyrics for now not the 1960’s! Change of mood texture and tone is what you get with Long May you Sail, this is a raw yearning as the tale of saying Goodbye unfolds. The choice of bounding rhythm and its hints of Celtic rock the roots of many a Southern person back to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Ireland is the perfect form for JD Simo’s guitar.

In contrast there are tracks that are much longer I’d Rather Die In Vain, with enthusiastic free form Blues, the guitar is king as JD takes SIMO on a road of musical exploration. The lyrics are darker exploring internal darkness, in contrast with quality guitar work of this calibre. The future is bright with guitarist  like this fronting the band reminiscent of Jimmy Page, yes a long track, is there the danger of the Trio loosing shape and form?… a big no with interludes from Adam and Elad this is class, experimental blues.  The penultimate track Ain’t Doin’ Nothing, is most certainly doing something the guitar is a jam from the Big House Sessions. Jamming is natural to SIMO and the fluidity of the melodic outpourings are mesmerizing. This is progressive blues a big ask of a Trio and it works. How did this track come about was it plane hell no it wasn’t. “it was the start of the 2nd day of recording and Adam and Elad started playing a groove I walked in the room and picked up Duane Allman’s old Goldtop and what you hear is what happened. A Good way to start the day”.  Let Love Show The Way, the first album recorded at Macon, Ga’s Big House – the communal home of the Allman Brothers Band during their late sixties /early 70’s heyday. Finishing as they started with a cover, Please Be With Me a song Cowboy did with Duane not long before he died, as a respect for the location. There is a fragility as the tempo quietens with an acoustic feel. This is a beautiful track to close an album that respects the Blues played by a band that want their voice heard with original thoughts and approach to music rooted in our past.

It is no wonder that JD Simo’s guitar playing has been noticed and considered by Joe Bonamassa as “one of the best out there right now”. This is definitely Southern Blues that excites and is full of modern twist and turns whilst the structure remains firmly rooted in the legacy of blues from the delta. This is a bluesdoodles band to watch out for in 2016 as they have lit the blues touch paper with Let Love show The Way.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

SIMO’s – Let Love Show The Way – out 29th January on Mascot Label Group

Track Listing

1. Stranger Blues
2. Two Timin’ Woman
3. Can’t Say Her Name
4. I Lied
5. Please
6. Long May You Sail
7. I’ll Always Be Around
8. Becky’s Last Occupation
9. I’d Rather Die Vain
10. Today I’m Here
11. Let Love Show The Way
12. Ain’t Doin’ Nothin’ verging on progressive huge ask for a trio…
13. Please Be With Me

They also are visiting UK for some dates in April

Upcoming Shows

5th April – Basement, York
6th April – Greystones, Sheffield
7th April – Barfly, London

Check out the video for Long May You Sail here:

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