Sandi Thom @ Pontardawe Arts Centre ~ 7th November 2014

Sandi Thom - Pontadawre- Nov 2014_0004lSandi filled the stage with her presence with a 12-string guitar each side, harp between her fingers, a stomp box and bells around her leg she opened up with some haunting raw harp playing Help Me from her latest album Flesh and Blood; a fantastic re-working of this classic track; what a voice full of colour, depth and emotion and pitch perfect.

Sandi Thom - Pontadawre- Nov 2014_0029l

Today was about vocals and her twelve string guitars creating a musical delight that filled the theatre and bought a foot tapping smile to everyone present, it was a shame in a way everyone was seated as it would have been great to see everyone standing and naturally moving to the flow of the music. It was a fantastic venue and it was like an evening with Sandi as she interspersed the tracks with interludes which were erudite and entertaining about her inspirations, how she wrote her songs, despite the mixture of Jet Lag having flown in from New Zealand and the Nytol that Sandi confessed to be running on, nothing diminishes the stage presence of this Scottish singer/songwriter who was on top form.

Sandi Thom - Pontadawre- Nov 2014_0013l

The evening included tracks from her new album including Big Ones Got Away written by Buffy Sainte-Marie about American Native Indians plight – a powerful song. She interspersed these with her great re-working of Foo Fighters number Time like This, Fleetwood Mac was included because it bought back wonderful memories from her teenage years when singing in a Scottish Pub band.

Sandi Thom - Pontadawre- Nov 2014_0008l

All too quickly we were being entertained with her hit and iconic song I Wish I was a Punk Rocker, then a quick encore and the house lights went up. Many in the audience would have liked to have been entertained a little longer by Sandi Thom.

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UK TOUR November 2014
14th – Gatehouse – Stafford
15th – Ricoh Arena – Coventry
16th – Watering Hole – Perranporth
19th & 20th – Half Moon – Putney
21st – Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham

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