Samantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites Bristol

Samantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites BristolSamantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites Bristol. With mizzle in Brizzle tonight, fear not Samantha will be Gert Lush and blow away the miserable weather. Or – With drizzle in Bristol tonight fear not Samantha with be amazing and blow away the miserable weather. For lovers of Blues and live music, there were no Chills & Fever beckoning the crowds queuing for The Tunnels tonight. We were all excited to hear once again in Bristol the Belle Of The West, Samantha Fish with her band with two new albums there was going to be new music to experience live and up close.

A good turn-out tonight at The Tunnels this Tuesday evening supporting live music soaking in the atmosphere. Samantha Fish with her Chills & Fever Band were touring with not one new album but two. Tonight they also gave the enthusiastic audience a chance to hear tracks from Belle Of The West live. Two styles of Samantha Fish were on show with a dip into Wildheart as well. The set-list was a crowd-pleasing highway journey of energised rock, raw blues combined with a sultry air, no wonder The Tunnels was hot and steamy tonight.

Samantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites BristolThe Chills & Fever band included horns which added another tonal layer to the music combined with a strong rhythm section, keys and the guitar and vocal thrills that Samantha brings to every show. First guitar of choice for Samantha tonight was her white SG, followed later in the set by her Fender Jaguar, as the night started with tracks from Chills & Fever including the title track. This was a different Samantha, full of feverish tempos with a vintage feel, with swing thrown into the blues medley.  Enthralled, captured in the web of Fish guitar magic as we were told You Can’t Go and Like A Baby. We were putty in her hands we just wanted more music and to hear some of the trademark raunchy country fueled music that put Samantha on our music radar.

Samantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites Bristol

Then we had a change of tone and a new song with Blood In The Water and a darker guitar the Delaney with a great meaty tone, reflecting the signature guitar that Samantha never played tonight.  The synergy between Samantha and the band flowed throughout every track. Her warmth towards to audience was genuine as she greeted Bristol once again. The only cover of the evening was Nina Simone’s Either Way I Lose. Played with real emotions and the lead break joined in as the guitar cried reprising the lyrics. Following on from Wildheart’s, Highway’s Holding Me Now the two styles contrasting and shows the dexterity of Samantha’s vocal delivery. Always her vocals colour the lyrics with attitude. What a powerful, innovative lead break we were all entranced with the live version of Somebody’s Always Trying. Her command of her pedals and gadgets were showcased, capturing the power of the track.

The conversation flowed between Samantha and the audience and she chatted with the band as the question mark on the set list was reached. We were then treated into It’s Your Voodoo Working. Her Voodoo was working on the audience at The Tunnels tonight. We wanted this music to go on all night.  The duelling between the trumpet and baritone Sax was wicked.


Samantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites Bristol

Samantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites BristolThen we had the dirty sound we love as Crow Jane dirty cigar-box slide sound curled around the venue, would have loved to have had some of this Fish dimension earlier on in the set. Her understanding of pedals was highlighted with her dexterity as she knelt in front of the pedal-board and made the guitar sing. The wonder of live music up close and personal.

Now we cheered and demanded more and we were not disappointed with another two numbers first Samantha Fish on acoustic with Need You More from Belle of The West, come back and tour this album very soon, please. The last song of the night demanded some audience participation we were loud and enthusiastic as from Wildheart we heard Bitch On The Run to close the evening. Her guitar mastery sent Chills down our spines and her vocal power meant The Tunnels were at fever pitch tonight


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Samantha Fish Raunchy Blues Excites Bristol


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  1. hello Richard from Montréal Canada
    I went to 3 show UK the Tunnels ,the Stales and Robin 2
    great time
    I wonder if any one knows about Samantha Fender Jaguar year etc.
    she was in Canada 10-11 February but I forgot to ask her
    love her seen 21 times live

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