Samantha Fish New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever

Samantha Fish New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever

Samantha Fish  New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever



Musically Chills & Fever hits you from the first note on Samantha Fish’s latest album.  This is something fresh, different a new dimension of the talented musician. The music gets under your skin, crawling through your veins the skilful blending of roots fueled guitar and vocals. This is blues blended like an aromatic gin, full of tones and sound shaped from Americana, a swirl of Detroit Mowtown with a pinch of punk this is blues that flashes with the musical taste that engages cutting across genres delivering music that we want to listen to. Samantha has surrounded herself with a powerful group of musicians, joining forces with the Detroit Cobras. Samantha Fish new approach gives you Chills & Fever, expect the unexpected a retro speakeasy gin cocktail hints of Blue Curaco full of music tones & textures

Opening with He Did It, the tempo fast the guitar sharp with Samantha’s vocals and punctuated by Marc Levron on Trumpet, you just know instinctively that this is an album that is blues being stretched and shaped into an exciting direction. The guitar has the distinctive Fish sound, the vocals are strong and dominate the instrumentation that cocoons the song but never curtails the wild side of the Samantha we know so well.

The title track follows early in the album with a change of tempo, sultry and taking the mood down from the gusty opener. Perhaps this would have worked better later in the album I wanted the Fever at this stage from Samantha not the Chills. That said it continues the vintage feel the opening track has as the Blues at the centre of the music is sent to a backwater for a recuperating rest. Samantha here is all Chills and Fevers, strong vocals and the horns curl around the lyrics delivered with authority. The cross-genre music with rock gently adding tonal currents to the delivery of the music as Hello Stranger picks up the rhythm, a tune for dancing and fun is back on the menu.

The album shaped by the production and recording in Detroit is a sidewalk that Samantha Fish is enjoying delivering, as she says You Can’t Go. Listen with open ears and enjoy an artist that refuses to be playing in a cul-de-sac of sound of her own creation. Fish on Chills & Fevers has stepped out onto the Highway of music that is infectious and full of bold beats and sonic colour. The journey continues with the earthy tones from Samantha and Travis Blotsky’s deep saxophone tones, Either Way We Love is a song delivered with maturity and passion. Slow with cat-like stealth we are drawn through the lyrics and music

With Crow Jane, we have the guitar sound we love as she revamps the classic number full of drama as we follow the story delivered with savage intent. This Piedmont standard is given the primeval treatment as Fish picks up the blues she left behind after the swampy It’s Your Voodoo Working.   The last track of the album is superb followed by a duo of bonuses. The last number I’ll Come running Over leaves you on a high as the jazz fueled retro Samantha Fish leaves you with Chills & Fever in your music bones.

Samantha Fish, out of Kansas, sweeping through the Delta and onwards to the tones of the city has blended the vocals, distilled the tones and created an album that makes you sit up and listen as Chills & Fevers sweep through your body.


 Samantha Fish  – Chills & FeverRUF 

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. He Did It
  2. Chills & Fever
  3. Hello Stranger
  4. It’s Your Voodoo Working
  5. Hurt’s All Gone
  6. You can’t Go
  7. Either Way I Lose
  8. Never Gonna Cry
  9. Little Baby
  10. Nearer To You
  11. You’ll Never Change
  12. Crow Jane

Bonus Tracks
Somebody’d Always Trying
I’ll Come Running Over

Musicians on Chills & Fever

Samantha Fish: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Joe Mazzola: Rhythm Guitar
Steve Nwara: Bass Guitar
Kenny Turdick: Drums
Bob Mervak: Electric Piano
Marc Levron: Trumpet
Travis Blotsky: Saxophone

Samantha Fish New Approach Gives You Chills & Fever

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