Ron Sayer Jr. & Charlotte Joyce ~ Live at the Little Theatre

SayerRon Sayer Jr. and Charlotte Joyce
Live at the Little Theatre
Sayer Music Ltd./Plastic Head Distribution

Released Friday 20th November, 2015

Live at the Little Theatre is an album that captures the glorious sound that this is a blues band that loves to be doing their thing on stage.

The night is full of energy that radiates from the musicians through the audience and onto the recorded gem that is a powerhouse of blues the rocks your socks off as this dynamic guitarist and vocal duo strut their stuff. They twist, shake and blend with a twisty funk creating a contemporary sound loved on the night at Little Theatre in Sheringham in their native Norfolk. Tonight it is the music that does the talking and communicates emotions and drives an energy through the whole show.

Ron Sayer Jr. is a classically trained musician who is a guitarist that exudes the blues it is no wonder that he is a recipient of Guitarist Magazine’s prestigious Guitarist of the Year award and has influenced many musicians by his stylish guitar licks, riffs and so much more. Then there is Charlotte Joyce her vocals are compelling with a mix of power and emotional colour you can hear that Charlotte enjoys singing these songs and creating rapport with the audience and she plays some mighty keys as well. The set included numbers from their critically acclaimed albums Better Side and Hard To Please and the guitar dragon and vocal queen breaths new shapes and tones into some classics. Live At The New Theatre was definitely a night of musical fun that has been captured on a little silver disc.


Opening with a self-penned number Little White Lies, Charlotte and Ron Harmonise and the mood is created as he plays a moody guitar and sets the scene for a set where Willie Dixon and Hendricks tracks are put through the blender by Sayer & Joyce. Then we have an upbeat Nutbush City Limits that rocks, the energy is now on alight through the whole show until the closing number Fire before a sneaky encore. Guest vocalist Will Overton the bassist adds another tone and great interaction with the audience as he takes the vocals on Sean Costello’s Anytime you Want and some great audience participation and the duet of Charlotte & Will is simply delicious a real stand out track.  The mood is bought down with a jazzy soulful interpretation of, Mr Weatherman as Charlotte beguile; not to be left out though Ron’s lead breaks are full of tonal textures. Sayer’s guitar playing drives every track along controlled and contained and always adding every tonal shade that the blues captures. The track list has been put together as a live performance captured in the moment with no trickery and shows a band that interacts and plays for the music to be at the heart of every moment. Mañana, is full of funky rhythms and nothing is put off until tomorrow as the music swells and the beat grows and the excitement moves the track forward.  A change of shape and tempo with Country-rock and Time For Goodbye an opportunity for Charlotte’s vocals to take wings and fly to the topmost corners of the Little Theatre. The encore is a blues masterclass as Muddy Waters’ I Wonder Who is given the Sayer treatment with the help of Charlotte Joyce and Will Overton. Live at the Little Theatre is an infectious album with a beat that captures every emotion a tonal journey of live music at its very best.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Little White Lies
  2. Nutbush City Limits
  3. Mojo Boogie
  4. Mr. Weatherman
  5. My Mother in Law
  6. I Ain’t Leaving
  7. I’m Tore Down
  8. Anytime You Want
  9. Chevrolet
  10. Mañana
  11. Time for Goodbye
  12. Fire
  13. I Wonder Who


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