Rocking Time Will Come for Rod Scott

 Rocking Time Will Come for Rod Scott

Rocking Time Will Come for Rod Scott

Debut album,Time Will Come, putting Devon on the map and songwriter/guitarist Rod Scott on the hearing radar of lovers of blues that rocks, harking back in sound to the past. Eight tracks that feature the power of guitar combined with the vocals of Kris Barras who produced the album so that there is a sense of purpose as we move from Danger Zone into the Hurricane. The two opening tracks each have rock driven lead breaks that ooze with the tempo feel and taste of blues. The driving rhythms are timed to perfection providing a solid base this is rock-blues that can be trusted not to confuse with inventive twists and turns it is what it says the music is Rock Blues with the guitar and its heart. Rod’s influences are broad from Hendrix and Zeppelin to artists of the twenty-first century Bonamassa and No Sinner. Guitar influences of Gary Moor and Robert Cray can be heard within the phrasing but above all this is music that Rod has a passion for, shaping into his own style. He sings ‘Open the Door and Let Me In’, this album should get Rod listened to opening doors on the circuit. There are subtle changes in tempo and beat but the overall approach to the tracks remains the same. Black Rain rings in the changes sounds still from the 1980s with a classic rocking opening and the female vocalist certainly chews up the lyrics but the approach is too tame I wanted the lyrics spat out with venom and passion. Lost Highway has a real Robert Cray vibe with guitar sound and the blues vibe really suiting her vocals this is a track that would work so well in a dark club late at night full of mellow warmth. The album closes with a slow acoustic number, Step Back. The strings adding texture and leaves you with a whimper rather than a storm of guitar promised with Danger Zone.
For me, the album need an injection of excitement a contemporary twist and song titles with imagination and not ringing bells I have heard that title somewhere else. Overall a well-produced album that is predominantly rock-blues that just doesn’t quite hit that wow button.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Rod ScottTime Will Come – Independent

Track Listings

  1. Danger Zone
  2. Hurricane
  3. Let Me In
  4. Black rain
  5. No regrets
  6. Lost Highway
  7. No Way Out
  8. Step Back

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