Robin Trower Knows Where You Are Going To

Robin Trower Knows Where You Are Going To

Robin Trower Knows Where You Are Going To



The album is ten tracks of blues guitar that swirls with intent, blowing gusts of every shade of electric blue through the vocals. The blues are held close and then he shapes the music via freeform around his own pathway taking us on an interesting, electric and stylish musical journey. This is, Where You Are Going To when you hook up with Robin Trower on his latest album. Robin will be out on tour in the Autumn for a chance to hear the music up live with the verve his music always gets outside of the studio. Following on from Something About To Change this is a celebration of controlled and powerful twists and turns as he manipulates the electric strings.

The guitar drives the album with Robin back doing the vocals again laying down the narrative of blues that rocks. Opening with When Will The Next Blow Fall you are safe in the security of blues that will delight, make you sit up and listen. The next blow to fall for the listener is the guitar that has a tone that adds to the context of the lyrics of fear and nowhere to hide or shelter. The narrative is hard and the guitar has a bitter-sweet dimension reflecting the harshness of waiting for When Will The Next Blow Fall. Every track reaffirms the reputation that Robin Trower is a mighty fine blues/rock guitarist. The title track, reflecting life’s uncertainty and how we have no idea of the journey of our lives. In Robin’s case from Procol Harum through to his solo career one of music and accolades; often referred to as the “White” Hendrix. His guitar can be slow and moody and then pick up the pace the lead breaks curl around the tracks adding depth of focus and emotion. Jigsaw has deep bass and the beat has a slow movement with a hint of pieces of the puzzle. The vocals and drums add to the colour and tone before the guitar picks up the rhythm. The tempo picks up, we have a vocal squeal and the Fruits of Your Desire flows through the airwaves. Robin, celebrates the guitar throughout the album, here we have echoes of James Brown and funk on this track this is not one dimensional playing. The guitar is the power and lyrics deep in the heart of every song. Closing with Delusion Sweet Delusion the guitar purrs and you are left once again swallowed up in the blues guitar mastery that is Robin Trower.

Virtually a solo album with Robin only joined by Chris Taggart on Drums, Where You Are Going To is a Robin Trower affair following on from previous album Something’s About To Change. The guitar continues to weave the Trower magic.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Where You Are Going To – Robin TrowerManhaton Records

Track Listing

    1. When Will The Next Blow Fall
    2. Where Are You Going To
    3. Back Where You Belong
    4. Jigsaw
    5. The Fruits Of Your Desire
    6. We will Be Together someday
    7. Ain’t No Use To Worry
    8. In Too Deep
    9. I’m Holding On To You
    10. Delusion Sweet Delusion

    Robin Trower is on Tour with Special guest Stevie Nimmo throughout September/October 2016 HERE

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