Robin Bibi Brilliance Is No More A Secret

Robin Bibi Brilliance Is No More A Secret

Robin Bibi Brilliance
Is No More A Secret



For anyone who has heard Robin Bibi play his guitar it has never been a secret he plays with blues feel and tone that captures your ears and locks you into his sound.  Now with a studio album of nine delicious blues treats it is definitely No More A Secret. The lid is truly off this box of musical chocolates full of tasty licks, mesmerizing riffs and vocals that spiral around the lyrics. His blues is fulsome, at times understated, and then we get a blast of blues that sing to your soul.  Opening with Play, we have that flavour of a caramel with sweetness of blues that chugs along and the feet automatically joins in with the rhythm section that makes the track a fully rounded sound.    The opening guitar phrases of Packing My Possessions are full of fruity sharpness curbed by the sugaring of the drumming the intro has a purity of tone. The vocal phrasing is full of emotional hurt and confusion, the playing is full of warmth and colours and the horns like on other tracks add a textural shape that hits the mark.  Drumming opens Fast Lanes Busy with a swirl of horns picking up the tempo and into the mix enters Robin who takes control of this fast track with hints of funk that gets your musical adrenalin going.  This is an album that exudes authenticity and the homage, ((drowning In) Muddy Waters) is clever. The guitar sings the essence of the Waters sound and blues is pure and sharp. The title track sings with horns full of soulful sunshine and the guitar picking up the groove is definitely a nut crunch in the blues box of chocolates that Robin has collected together so nothing is a secret anymore!  Closing this nine track gem with No Label on Me, a real deep groove-laden number providing a great finish, if this was a box of chocolates would be full of complex taste with a generous dash of liquor. While we are talking about the tracks there is even one for Christmas Day as a faster number that is definitely a red-hot chocolate spiced up with a hint of chili as hope for a  good day is mused over.  Robin Bibi is his own man of the blues not a clone but a free man with his own music to make you sit up and listen.  Everything on No More a Secret demands close listening to the lyrics, the guitar and musicianship but above all sit back and let Robin’s Blues flow through your very being. The title encapsulates it perfectly. With the recording of the album Mr Robin Bibi, an extremely talented and definitely underrated bluesman on the British Blues circuit today, combines a superb guitar sound with bluesy vocals and songwriting skills that capture the heart of blues.

On the sleeve notes Robin Bibi says it’s been a long, long time coming. Now it is here we can hear the delights of Robin and his bands everyday not just when his music comes to town. In the meantime we have the album to enjoy the delicious box of blues Robin had put together. It definitely is No More A Secret!


Robin Bibi  – No More A Secret –  Plastic Head Distribution

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Play
  2. In Too Deep
  3. Packing My Possessions
  4. Christmas Day
  5. Fast Lanes Busy
  6. Get In It!
  7. (Drowning In) Muddy Waters
  8. No More A Secret
  9. No Label On Me

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  1. Hey sorry I’ve been so slow just wanted to say thank you for this lovely review ! X robin Bibi

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