Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP

Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP

Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP



This is the second EP that has caught Bluesdoodles from the Rainbreakers, a young band that is definitely blowing away the rain clouds. Rise Up builds from the foundations of their debut studio recording Blood Not Brass. The five-tracks allow the quartet to explore styles and leaves fans wanting more, Rise recorded at Purple Door Studios, producer Robin Andrews (Conduct, Stereophonics etc.) has developed in the Shrewsbury band a clear sense of purpose.

Opening with a fuzzy, psychedelic sound with clash of cymbals and judicious use of Wah Wah pedal as Ben Edwards belts out the vocals in keeping with the feel of the late sixties. The lyrics explore relationships not meant to be sustained, what is sustained is the infectious guitar riff that drives the track forward.  The vocals of Ben get the songs noticed, underneath is the instrumentation providing so much more than a backdrop. On the title track Charlie Richards’ lead guitar is fulsome, with the sting of a scorpion tail. The rhythm is positive as the lyrics explore the changing world and divides being formed so is it time to Rise Up with Rainbreakers.

Half-way through and following the serious, contemporary questions posed in Rise Up, the tempo is taken down with Waiting On You exploring a relationship full of broken promises. The laid back sound is full of tones as Sam Edwards’ drumming and bassist Peter Adams shape the mood combined with echoing backing vocals. Slow blue suits the hurt and anguish when taking a decision you know is right for you but still hurts.

The band is then back, with a retro psychedelic feel that has a contemporary twist.  There is no doubt that the E.P will ensure the Perception of the Rainbreakers as being in the forefront of modern day British Blues. Perception is a relaxed love song that has a vagueness that captures the soul of the number.

Closing out a far too short visit into Rainbreakers world of music is provided by Living Free. As the precise drumming opens out with vocals that are timeless this is music that fits the bill, entertaining, melodic and full of interest. Developing and using the blues base but never fenced in or curtailed. With the stunning solos from Charlie Richards, you are left wanting more. Solution: Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP and demand a full-length album.

Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP

Rainbreakers – Rise Up

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. On My Own
  2. Rise Up
  3. Waiting On You
  4. Perception
  5. Living Free

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