Rhythm Zoo Sold For Love Debut Album

Rhythm Zoo Sold For Love Debut Album

Rhythm Zoo Sold For Love Debut Album

After many shows and festivals the nerve-wracking hurdles have been jumped by Rhythm Zoo, they stepped into the studio and gave birth to Sold For Love, their debut album. Sold For Love is one hundred percent heart and soul Rhythm Zoo, for fans new and yet to be found this is the band they play the blues with love and respect. The ambition is high and the determination gritty with seven tracks written by band members then into the mix the closing number Shemakia Copeland’s Whole Lotta Water.

The Zoo have rhythm and are dripping in the shades of blue but not caged by genres they shape their own musical animal. The whole album is shaped around the distinctive, sultry vocals of Andi Hall. The soulfulness and articulation of emotions ensure the lyrics curl around and drive the twin guitars of Phil Dean and Pete Rea. The rhythm is strong, the rhythm is deep and dark shaping the sound thanks to the powerful combination of Dermot Hall’s drumming and the rich bass lines of Pete Betts. The band has worked hard to achieve the style of the album from art work through to the final engineering of the Rhythm Zoo sound.

The title track is blues infused soulfulness it is the darker side of blue as Andi sings the line “Devil Can Take His Soul”,  the rhythm picked up by instruments as the track fades, should be a great track live. Opening with lead guitar that sings to your soul, Coco Blue, the instrumentation stylish and timely are leading to one thing! The opportunity for Andi to step up and complete the construction with her warm chocolate infused vocals, soothing the ears. This is a recording that feels close up and personal as if the band are playing for you from the corner of the room. The beat picks up with some gravelly rock added to the mix, Andi’s voice deepens but doesn’t really add a rocky tempo to what feels like a rocking blues vibe on Red Moon. Ah! But then we see the rock chick as the last minute we hear Andi rock the Red Moon out of the sky.

At times though it feels just too controlled, too tense. It is as if they are trying just too hard to get a perfect sound. Despite the fact that the reality was this was an album recorded live with the vocals often in a single take. Closing with Whole Lotta Water the band seems to relax. The band is heating up the guitars are sharp and the addition of keys adds another dimension. Andi’s voice speeds up and has a different timbre suiting the song and leaves you with a feel good number. Sold For Love has class and will get the band lots more opportunity to step on the stage the environment they come into their own.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Steal Your Love
  2. Sold For Love
  3. River Of Tears
  4. Coco Blue
  5. 12 Bar Blues
  6. Red Moon
  7. Misbegotten Man
  8. Crazy Kitten Blues
  9. Whole Lotta Water

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