Resonating With The Blues says Auld Man’s Baccie

Resonating With The Blues says Auld Man’s Baccie

Resonating With The Blues

says Auld Man’s Baccie



This is blues that resonate, who can rest a track with a yodel plus the whistles and bells added by Davey Curtis along with Slide guitar from Nick Phillips who are Auld Man’s Baccie. This is a duo steeped in blues that have the tasty flavor of Grandad’s baccie in a bent and dented old tin that has endured and tasted all of life’s twists and turns. Traditional blues with a bounce of rough and tumble that is reflected in the lyrics. There are hints of country and rag-time. The first seven tracks are self-penned flowing around the lyrics and the slippery greasy slide of the guitar. The tales are drenched in alcohol, salvation and travel – the heartstone of the blues.

The duo have been playing together for little over a year, and the debut album Resonating With The Blues encapsulates the closeness and mutual respect and understanding as they play to enhance the blues.

Opening with Moonshine Mama the tone is sent via a guitar that is sweet and drives the acoustic message along. Davey’s vocals are the perfect fit for this style of country blues. The addition of Rhiannon’s contrasting vocal tone works just fine! This is an acoustic album that also has the twist of humour so that this is not a miserable sitting on a porch dirge. The tracks have layers of interest lifting resonating the Blues above the mundane. Thanks in part to the added interest of instrumentation thanks to Nicks multi-instrumental talent and the harp from Jim Bullock.

As the album progresses the self-penned numbers have a modern feel rooted in tradition. Long Hard Road with a tinkling of blues and guitar that grinds out a slippery difficult path reflecting the title. My favourite of the self-penned start to the album is 51st, the lyrics are sound the guitar slips and slides and Rhiannon adds to the sad tale. The five covers are given the Auld Man Baccie treatment with some classic numbers bring the Resonating With The Blues to a stylish close.

Resonating With The Blues says Auld Man’s Baccie is an album that will be loved and treasured by everyone who loves acoustic, resonators, blues, lyrics that tell a story plus the yodelling In The Jailhouse!

Joining Nick Phillips (Slide Guitar) & Davey Curtis ( Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin Bells & Whistles)on the album
Jim Bullock Harmonica
Rhiannion Phillips – Backing Vocals

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Resonating With The BluesAuld Man’s Baccie HERE

Track Listing
1. Mama Moonshine (Auld Man’s Baccie)
2. Alcohol Blues (Auld Man’s Baccie)
3. Grant Me Salvation (Auld Man’s Baccie)
4. Long Hard Road (Auld Man’s Baccie)
5. 51st Time (Auld Man’s Baccie)
6. Baccie Blues (Auld Man’s Baccie)
7. Gather Up Your Oats (Auld Man’s Baccie)
8. Can’t Be Satisfied (Muddy Waters)
9. Champagne and Reefer (Muddy Waters)
10. In The Jailhouse (Jimmie Rodgers)
11. Sell My Monkey (Tampa Red)
12. Ain’t Nobodies Business (Taj Mahal)

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