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CDDF-6P1V-001Red Butler
Freedom Bound

The opening track Jaywalker sets the tone of the album –Freedom Bound – with Jane Chloe’s impressive vocals driving the blues, rhythm and tone the guitar bass and drums reflecting the purity of her gritty edged soprano voice. There is an irony in the lyrics and the licks played by Alex on guitar on Pension Blues saying I will have to work ’til I am 99 – a true reflection facing many in Britain today. Danger Zone is catchy and should be getting loads of mainstream play with the combination of infectious beat courtesy of Charlie, great backing vocals and the vocals that just make you want to listen. Johnny Kidd’s Shaking All Over is given a complete makeover, the tempo slowed down and the rhythm reformed as the vocals and musicians mimic each other this is a cover that builds on the original and they have truly made it their own. Last Page of the Blues is hauntingly beautiful with the vocals of Jane pure and soaring with a gentle accompaniment of the guitar this is a singer song writer – No it is not! 3 minutes in the tempo changes and the instruments take centre stage with a sound that means business then as they die away the vocals pick up the story this is a page of the blues you really do not want to end. Hoodoo is a classy bluesy southern feeling moody track with some fantastic emotive slide guitar playing from Alex that sets the tone and shows the depth of collective talents in Red Butler. River of Smoke a slow moody blues number with a jazzy feel is full of hidden questions and answers, these are the tracks where having a vocalist of the stylish quality of Jane is paramount as every word and musical phrase is as clear as a bell; on these slower tracks she reminds me of Kyla Brox in tone and the precision of musical delivery with emotions held in perfect balance. The closing and title track of the album Freedom Bound is dirtier in sound with the voice plunging to deeper depths, showing the full potential of Red Butler as they leave you wanting to hear more of their stylish interpretation of modern British blues as it fades away. This is a young band full of talent demonstrated by the textures, tones and framing of this track. Red Butler have created a blues album that is vibrant, with a twist of modernity whilst staying true to the authentic roots of delta blues; they are unafraid to twist and mould the roots into a strong sapling that is Red Butler’s blues. This is a young band full of maturity as they deliver the blues, watch this space you will be hearing lots more of Red Butler they have whatever it is that makes a band step out of the dark and shine through their music.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing
1. Jaywalker (Red Butler)
2. Pension Blues (Red Butler)
3. Danger Zone (Red Butler)
4. Young and Free (Red Butler)
5. Shakin’ All Over (Heath)
6. Hoodoo (Red Butler)
7. River Of Smoke (Red Butler)
8. Hard Drivin’ Man (Red Butler)
9. Last Page Of The Blues (B. Morane & Red Butler)
10. Freedom Bound (Red Butler)

red butler 1
Band Members
Alex Butler – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jane Chloe Pearce – Vocals
Charlie Simpson – Drums, Percussion
Stephen Eveleigh – Bass, Backing Vocals

Guest Artists
Maik Pehrsson – Piano Tracks 4 &9
Darren Vassie – Trumpet (Track 7)

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