Ragas Jugs & Mojo Hands Acoustic Eastern Promise

Ragas Jugs & Mojo Hands Acoustic Eastern Promise

Ragas Jugs & Mojo Hands Acoustic Eastern Promise


When Ashton and Finnen Join Forces Ragas Jugs & Mojo Hands Happen, resulting in blues from the front porch combined with worldly influences. Australians, Gwyn Ashton , Chris Finnen, and Peter Beulke good friends and fine musicians have after thirty years teamed up and created an album that has hooked in roots influences from world music and knotted them firmly in with intricate musical stitches into the fabric of traditional country blues. Ragas, Jugs & Mojo Hands has a door step feeling less studio contrived with a spontaneous flow as the music combines and flows with the interaction between Gwyn & Chris as they chat between numbers.

Opening with blues with the distinctive twang of Gwyn Ashton vocals, we have a hit of Mojo with I can Feel That Mojo Working On Me. This is music that has that extra depth of tonal ranges as the hints of India are introduced. With a percussive swirl, we have left behind the totem of the Mojo as Moravian Rhapsody takes us into the Indian world of Ragas. The double bass of Peter Beulke adds a boom that conjures a dream-like world of hidden depths that this added dimension brings to acoustic blues. We further explore the East from Eastern European countries with Duchov a town in the Czech Republic. This instrumental has a feeling of being on a wander through highways and byways, a gypsy swirl would have given this track an added layer of excitement weaving in another dimension of roots music. Back on The Lonesome Road again and Blues takes the reins with the mix of resonator as Chris takes the vocals and we feel the isolation, desolation of a dusty road. The title has been used in blues since the early days and many variations, here meeting your maker at the end remains, with lyrics updated combined with mournful crying guitar from Gwyn. Lonesome Road is a powerful evergreen blues number as we meet our inevitable road, death.

The tempo is blues from a country porch, acoustic without frills. The instruments shaped for percussive power or gentle melodies. With Keep Your Oven Warm gravy and pastry are explored using double entendre keeping the tradition of ole’ time blues alive. As the compelling glistening of the album draws to a close the beat increases and we Zing It Up And Down as they bring a boogie to the town. Closing with Migration an instrumental reflecting how the human race continually migrates and absorbs each other’s cultures. The tonal qualities of India leave us connected with the roots of music. As Blues pulls us to the percussion of the Middle East and Africa combined with this music of hot sun and dance. The instrumentation and lyrics curl and sway in perfect harmony as we join the musical forces of Ragas, Jugs & Mojo Hands.

Gwyn Ashton, Chris  Finnen and Peter Beulke – Ragas Jugs & Mojo Hands

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. I Can Feel That Mojo Working On Me
  2. Moravian Rhapsody
  3. Raisin’ Sand
  4. Duchov
  5. Lonesome Road
  6. Givin’ Up The Church
  7. Silence
  8. Keep Your Oven Warm
  9. Who’s That Knockin’
  10. Zing It Up and Down
  11. Migration


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