Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017

Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017

August Bank Holiday Weekend is always a musical high. It looks like the bar has been raised higher as the baton has been passed from Pendle Leisure Trust to Colne Town Council. As Jason says, “we whetted your appetite via Facebook Live now we have to deliver”

Before the baton is handed over the applause and thanks are heartily given to Pendle Borough Council and Pendle Leisure Trust who have over the last 27 years made this award winning festival the biggest and longest running of its kind In Britain. For many Blues fans across the U.K. August Bank Holiday weekend and a trip to Colne are a permanent fixture in their diaries.  Now the challenge is for Colne Town Council to keep the burning blue flame shining and at the same time giving the festival a breath of fresh air.

How will this be achieved? Utilising the opportunities and minimising the challenges. Colne Town Council, with two paid employees and volunteer councillors, are determined that the event will connect with both the residents of Colne and the visitors. The management of  The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival 2017 is under the auspices of two local men and well-known music fans and successful festival organisers Jason Elliott and Paddy Maguire. With a team of supporters, the festival is in safe hands and with a track record of bringing innovation to events they organise.

Firstly, the acts currently being booked are all releasing albums and touring, they are part of the live music scene within the U.K. and beyond. Colne, The Great Rhythm & Blues Festival 2017 is a showcase for blues-infused music. Nothing heritage or boring this is music that sparkles with a sapphire-like iridescence., and for the organisers “proper blues” is an anathema.

Fact ONE: Good music entertains.

Fact TWO: Music that entertains connects with the audience

Fact THREE: Blues music is the historical foundation.

Fact FOUR: Western popular music – nearly all genres are rooted in the Blues

Fact FIVE: Nearly all modern music genres are Blues children or grandchildren

Fact SIX: Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017 is the strategy of Jason, Paddy and his team.

Fact SEVEN: Colne keeping the genre alive by bringing in new blood, in the audience and as performers.

Jason told Bluesdoodles “the festival must span all levels of experience, attracting new audiences, be fresh, alive, full of an energy that everyone wants to be part off”

Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017, this is a transition year for The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival. The event is part of the Pendle legacy. Goal one is to get the support of the town. The way the Roadhouse venues are organised is key to getting local residents the love the festival as their own. Once 2017 has been delivered then the focus will be to build and build from 2018 onwards.

The ticketed event will be full of exciting acts you will want to hear. Including names unknown but will excite. The Jessica Foxely Unsigned Project is part of this exciting new cutting edge helping in putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017. The project focusses on nurturing young and emerging Blues-based talent, and in many ways symbolises the Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017new direction of the festival starting in 2017! The ticket events will be in The Colne Hippodrome capacity 600 & Colne Muni capacity 800. “Dancers do not despair, there will be plenty of space for you to dance. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the music that is being played for the audiences, not the organisers” says Jason.

The mission of Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017 is “bringing new life and blood, new acts, new audiences into this key genre”

All the acts for the ticketed events have been selected – these will be announced when tickets go on sale – 28th January 2017. Time to purchase to wipe away those January Blues!

The Roadhouse acts will be announced at a later date. Acts interested in performing should contact Paddy Maguire or email  Paddy if you want a Roadhouse gig in Colne August Bank Holiday weekend.

Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017 is the aim of  The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival in Colne August Bank Holiday weekend join in the adventure. Who knows where it will take you this year, next year and beyond with Colne Town Council and The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival.




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