The Outer Reach Found Thanks Albany Down

Albany Down On Tour + New Album

The Outer Reach Found Thanks Albany Down



Building on the power of the second album Not Yet Over, Albany Down have decided to stay with award-winning producer Greg Haver. This is no rock album tagging on to a cold blue star. They are aiming for The Outer Reach of the music solar system with an honest straight-playing rock album. Contemporary, whilst visiting constellations Led Zepplin and Thunder and more the results, when mixed in with Black Keys sound is Albany Down, playing it loud, hard and with integrity of a band that wants to rock you.

Opening with Feeding The Flame, a full-blown addictive sound, with luscious chorus and licks reflecting the lyrics about addiction and compulsion. The feeling of running to get back to where you started with the addiction is clear with the structure of the melody. Making this the first music video from the album hits the high notes as no-one will not want to hear from Albany Down. The Outer Reach mixes it up with vocally driven Do You Want Me Now this is a rock anthem that gets your attention. How to follow the mega opening tracks, change the flow with Supersonic Girl and her funky supersonic car, pop-rock meets funk with the sumptuous horns this is a band with confidence and the requisite talent to mix it up as the album journeys on to The Outer Reach.

Now they take us to visit Mr Hangman, we have a Southern Rock vibe drifting through Albany Down, its been said every rock album should have a slide track and this more than fulfils this criteria. Paul T is slipping and sliding across the strings creating a wall of sound to parachute the lyrics that are dark as regrets are explored. The tempo slows with Home, the acoustic and vocals are drenched in that compelling desire to go home. Picking up the rock with booming drumming and fiery guitar Albany Down are creating their own revolution as they stamp down a marker we are a rock band and we will be heard. Once again the strength of the lyrics combined with instrumentation reflecting the discontent in society today. Revolution neatly captures in four minutes the disconnect between those with power in ivory towers and the people. We are back to rock with a deeply melodic feel with Look What You’ve Done To Me as the album draws to the end we are in the presence of a band the means business. Closing with Sing Me To Sleep, the album closes with a lullaby infused rock number and by the end you know everything is going to be all right in the company of Albany Down you have the power to get to The Outer Reach of everything you desire.

What makes this the best Albany Down album so far is the winning combination of Paul Muir’s vocals the dramatic drumming from Donna Peters whose sticks crunch the rhythm on one track and then is subtle on another ensuring the textures change shape and tone and re-form so the lyrics and rhythm are in harmony. Into the mix add the licks and riffs of guitarist Paul Turley that always hits the tone of the tracks every time and the bass line adds the dark matter in the constellation thanks to Billy Dedman on Bass.

The rock quartet Albany Down’s album The Outer Reach, reaches for the stars, finds them and brings them down to earth with a constellation of eleven shimmering tracks.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Albany Down – The Outer Reach – Independent – Out 10th June 2016

Track Listings

  1. Feeding The Flame
  2. Do You Want Me To Know
  3. Supersonic Girl
  4. Mr Hangman
  5. Like A Bullet
  6. Home
  7. Revolution
  8. The Drop
  9. Look What You’ve Done To Me
  10. I Need You
  11. Sing Me To Sleep

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