One Of A Kind as Grady Champion Brings His Blues

One Of A Kind as Grady Champion Brings His Blues

One Of A Kind as Grady Champion Brings His Blues



Back, with a second album on Malaco Records, One Of A Kind as Grady Champion Brings His Blues. One Of A Kind is his 10th album since the debut, Going Gold a rap project back in 1990. Grammy winner, Grady continues to build on his solid reputation this is a Mississippi blues man with a bucket of soul in his singing, writing and blues-harp playing. Grady the youngest of 28 children, since joining the church choir when he was eight knew that music was his passion, having tried rap he came home to the blues his talent has a natural ease as he re-shapes the blues with elements of hip hop this is contemporary blues firmly planted on the banks of the Mississippi.

Opening with Bumps and Grid the instantly distinctive sound of Grady pours from the speakers this is blues that connects to your soul. The blues-harp sings the tempo and then his vocals that are deep full of warmth, Oh Yea he sings and we reply Oh Yes we want to listen to more.  Let’s go on down to a House Party, as we have an up tempo, feel good number that gets the feet tapping and you just want to party with friends and good music.

The tempo picks up a beat with sharp harp playing as we are on Life Support, the beat has a jaunty feel, then the mood shifts after the intro into more laid back swing feel as Grady begs a girl not to pull his Life Support as he has given his heart, the back into the jaunty driving beat of drums and harp. The title track is a slower moody last dance number as Grady croons, One Of Kind. This is a more serious facet of an artist that connects to you as he shares his feelings and thoughts.

The dozen tracks makes One Of  A Kind an album driven by deep grooves, delivered by a bluesman who picks up the mood with nifty licks and deep soul enhanced riffs. He is a Champion of Modern Blues, Stone In My Path  has a similar groove to Make That Monkey Jump from his 2011 album Dreamin’. It is catchy, without being shallow as it has fire in its belly and swoosh of stylish singing. Closing with GC Boogie we have the clever interaction of harp and keys picking up from each other as chords are explored and filled out.  Finishing with an instrumental makes a statement that his vocals are superb but above all it is his natural innate understanding of blues that makes Grady swing. The instrumentation is full and luscious as it fades leaving you with the option to press repeat.

One Of A Kind stands out from the crowd as Blues that will curl around your mood as Grady mixes up the tempo and adds luscious keys, guitar. This is blues that makes you sit up listen, smile and no hips can resist moving to the vibe.  There is no doubt the Grady is One Of A Kind, a modern bluesman, who understands the place of blues on today’s playlist. A soulful sound that definitely kicks your ears with spice and verve of outstanding instrumentation and blues that are fit for purpose in today’s fast moving world.

Grady Champion – One Of A Kind – Malaco Records


EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Bump and Grind
  2. Heels and Hips
  3. House Party
  4. Life Support
  5. Leave Here Running
  6. Move Something
  7. One Of A Kind
  8. Stone In my Path
  9. Thin Line
  10. What A Women
  11. When I’m Gone
  12. GC Boogie

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