On The Lonesome Plain With Donal Clancy

On The Lonesome Plain With Donal Clancy

On The Lonesome Plain With Donal Clancy


With the musical intricacies of Donal Clancy accompanying you it will never be solitude On the Lonesome Plain. This is definitely no Wild West Country album. It is pure Irish Folk traditional tones with its mix of instrumentals and songs.

Opening with The Lowlands of Holland, we are introduced to the renowned guitar and vocal skills of Donal. With a solid folk vibe, the tone encourages you to sit back, relax and let the music flow over you just as a gentle spring breeze would over the lonesome plain.  Within the traditional numbers are two of Donal’s own compositions in tune with the album a song and an instrumental. Firstly, we have The Green Fields of Canada full of yearning followed seamlessly by his own Máirseáil  Na Conrach picking up the beat this is home, the moment for the warmth and familiarity with the hints of a jig. Towards the end of the album is his number commemorating the 1916 Easter rising,   A Strike For Victory. Throughout the album, his stylish fingerpicking gives the guitar tone and textures that add layers of vibrating sound.  His interpretation of the Scottish number Open The Door Softly from the pen of Archie Fisher is particularly effective. The track shines with the artistry of Ciaran Sommers’ Flute and David Power’s Whistle adding a haunting air and wistfulness as the door is softly opened.  We dance and swirl our skirts remembering warm summer days with The Waterford Waltz, more country fair than Strictly with its relaxed approach to the Waltz! Another classic given the Clancy treatment is Reynardine, suiting the tone of the album and the pitch of Donal’s vocals. No folk album is complete without dancing and drinking and we have Whiskey, You’re the Devil which fits the bill. Upbeat this is a fireside song with a whiskey in the jar.

On The Lonesome Plain is thirteen tracks of folk shaded with the greens of Ireland, the brightness of the sun and the gentle washing of the warm rain.  It has a fresh feel that entertains ad captures the listener as you sit back and let the strain of the day wash away with every chord from Donal Clancy’s magical guitar.

Donal ClancyOn The Lonesome Plain

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. The Lowlands of Holland
  2. The Green Fields of Canada
  3. Drill, Ye Tarriers
  4. Open The Door Softly
  5. The Honorable Thomas Burke
  6. The Waterford Waltz
  7. Reynardine
  8. Fling
  9. Blackwater Side
  10. Whiskey, You’re the Devil
  11. Miss McDermott
  12. Strike for Victory
  13. Idir Aird Mhor Is Eochaill

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