Not Broken Mick Ralphs Set Down the Blues

It Is not Broke as Mick Ralphs Blues Band Set Down the Blues

Not Broken Mick Ralphs Set Down the Blues


Not Broken Mick Ralphs Set Down the Blues on an album that personifies British Blues.  Mick Ralphs Blues Band album If It Ain’t Broke hits the blues spot of British Rhythm and Blues with its mix of British rock, Chicago and the elixir of blues feel that Mick and the band have in buckets and is poured over every track. The album is a mix of originals and classics continuing Mick’s musical journey as he takes us back to the smoke-filled clubs of the 60’s and early ‘70’s where we first heard the blues.  Opening with I Don’t Care, we are transported onto a blues cloud of delight as Jim Maving’s guitar joins forces with the power of Mick. Adam Barron on vocals delivered with panache curling around the rhythm section of Bassist Dicky Baldwin and Damon Sawyer on drums. You know this is a band that cares for the blues, feels the blues and to play blues that get your feet tapping with delight.

The two Freddie King tracks, Same Old Blues and closing track Going are blues classics you can connect to simple and timeless, here they are crafted to reflect the British tone and approach to a genre out of the USA. Other tracks that stand out from the crowd on this well-crafted album with Talk To Your Daughter with its driving guitar and rhythms,  along with Barnes & Seals Roll The Dice that just suits the style Mick favours that of Freddie King and Steve Cropper.  Then the number Well Connected with a modern feel from Maving & Maxwell brings an edgier feel with its harder blues edge.

It is very true that across the ten tracks the attitude is It Is not Broke as Mick Ralphs Blues Band Set Down the Blues. This is crafted blues, distilled the essence and combining with experience of guitarist Mick Ralphs’ time with Bad Company and Mott The Hoople and every note he has played on the journey that has led to the album of blues. If It Ain’t Broke is the perfect response as the band plays blues from the heart.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Mick Ralphs Blues Band – If It Ain’t Broke

Track Listing

  1. I Don’t Care
  2. Shakey Ground
  3. Talk To Your Daughter
  4. Just A Little Bit
  5. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me
  6. Same Old Blues
  7. Too Bad
  8. Roll The Dice
  9. Well Connected
  10. Going Down

Bluesdoodles wishes Mick Ralphs a speedy recovery from the Stroke he suffered earlier this month.

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