Northsyde – Storyteller’s Daughter CD Review


If you are not familiar with Northsyde or in their previous incarnation as Funkydory get out and see them now they are simply awesome as a live band. This latest recorded offering “Storyteller’s Daughter”; is the next best thing as they have captured in the studio the raw heady energy of a live performance and in addition there is a bonus of two live tracks ‘Mercy‘ and ‘Northsyde‘. Lorna Fothergill’s vocals drive the band forward with powerful, emotive, pitch perfect articulate and clear vocals. The band is a collective of fine musicians who blend and bend their talents to showcase Lorna’s voice and their own skills; whilst the superlative guitar playing of Jules Fothergill with spine tingling riffs is brought to the fore from the first track of the album ‘More’ – and having listened to the first track you are left breathless with delight wanting more and more and this is delivered over the next ten tracks. The band have the opportunity to shine while Lorna sits out on ‘Messing Around‘, with the melodic riff’s from Ian Mauricio’s fretless bass joined by precision guitar from Jules and the skillful drumming prowess of Hayden Doyle. This is a band that plays and delivers the music they enjoy – a mix of rock, funk, blues which they capture to create a quite unique sound. This album also shows that they are purveyors of excellent songs where the words stand out as they are delivered with clarity and the talented musicians ensure the music and the voice are in touch with each other whilst still having freedom that gives the whole CD a fresh free-flowing feel. The album is full of gems that have a variety of tempo’s and musical textures from ‘Can’t Stop The Bullet’, opening with a beautiful Julesesque riff in which he makes that guitar sing then wham straight between the lines there is Lorna’s voice, throaty and pure as she pours out “I Can’t Breathe” ; it truly takes your breath away then on quieter more controlled restrained numbers the blending of gentle guitar work and the soulful contemplative tone of Lorna’s vocals so that her singing has a prayer-like quality on ‘No Rocking Chair‘. This track is about despair but this is no droning monotone it is pure music with the blending of bass and clever use of delicate symbols for Hayden highlighting the essence of the song. This is definitely one of my albums of the 2013 and the live tracks really give the album that live feel.

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