No Misplaced Notes by Fish a Night Fans Will Remember Forever!

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No Misplaced Notes by Fish a Night Fans Will Remember Forever!



<img src="" alt="No Misplaced Notes by Fish a Night Fans Will Remember Forever!" width="150" height="150" class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-12532" />First day of May 2016 will be etched on everyone lucky enough to have a ticket for Robin 2 in Bilston. Tonight, the bus parked outside, the queue lengthened and stormy clouds gathered on a chilly Spring evening. The excitement grew as the doors opened, tonight we were going to be the last people to hear the complete live rendition of the album Misplaced Youth. This was a gathering of fans and friends, comradeship through the love of Fish, we were all fishing for our own memory tonight. People had clocked up the motor miles to be here in the Black Country.  On the stroke of eight-thirty Fish strode onto the stage with a smile and the music we had come to hear. The first five tracks were a selection including the opener Pipeline from Suits album with the words that suited the evenings of mixed emotions. – ‘Waiting in my corner, waiting on the bell, I was coming off the ropes, I was going to give them hell. Now I’m waiting.’ As we all are waiting to see if this is the last time we will see the man so many have their musical memories entwined with firstly as front-man for Marillion and then as Fish himself. The title track of his album Feast of Consequences, then back to his seventh solo album for Long Cold Day. There was nothing cold about the venue we were buzzing and his witty observations flowed and the night was never going to be long enough. The back-drops evoked emotions and layered another seam of communication of the deep and thoughtful meanings of the words from the lyricist Fish.  Two more songs Family Business with a powerful heartfelt message his experiences in Bosnia the pointless hatred between neighbours. The seeds sown that has led to Syria, the bombing of a gig in Paris and the fleeing of people. His statement ‘Refugees are people like us’ was received with a loud cheer and more hand clapping.  The starter closed with The Perception of Johnny Punter, dedicated to all victims of pointless atrocities. The lyrics reflecting so much that is in the news as 1997 and Sunsets On Empire drew to a close. What an introduction to the evening main course the uninterrupted live Misplaced Youth. No youth can ever be misplaced loving and going to see music live with power, passion and energy that sets your spine tingling. Not to mention your buzzing head, pounding heart and your mood soaring with delight into the stratosphere.


No Misplaced Notes by Fish a Night Fans Will Remember Forever!The main course and as Fish quipped I have been in all your bedrooms, on your stereo, in your wardrobes! Here it is the final performance live of the complete Misplaced Youth album. This is, without doubt, the most iconic Marillion/Fish album with two hits Kayleigh and Lavender and listening to all ten tracks in order live was perfect. A timely reminder that random is not the best this is a narrative that flows and makes sense of a Misplaced Youth from Pseudo Silk Kimono through to White Feather.  The packed auditorium sung, clapped cheered and flowed seamlessly with the music. It was hot, loud and the atmosphere was electric.  Encore was in order, the cherry on top of a cake full of richness and music texture that is Fish. The final two numbers we heard tonight were Market Square Hero and The Company. Emotional energy from the stage permeated across the 700 as Fish said tonight will be talked about – 3 years-time 10,000 people will claim to be at Robin 2 tonight. Bluesdoodles was I will always know I saw the closing notes of this amazing night. What a music giant looking forward to his book and album in 2016.


No Misplaced Notes by Fish a Night Fans Will Remember Forever!Tonight, Yatta, Fish’s best friend was retiring after being together for 25 years, the cheers were immense the love flowed tonight was a celebration of music and everything it encompasses. Robin 2 was echoing with the cheers of the crowd and the fading notes long after the music stopped and the venue slowly emptied. For many a long drive home, I for one know the moments in my heart are incredible and will live with me for a long time. Thank-you Fish we love your music, words, and kindness of spirit and as we wave a farewell looking forward to the next chapter in the book of a Misplaced Childhood.

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