NO! LiMiTS with Big Boy Bloater’s Life of Luxury

Big Boy Bloater

NO! LiMiTS with Big Boy Bloater’s Life of Luxury


There are no limits to Big Boy Bloater’s blues on Luxury Hobo as his voice and guitar playing explores narratives and stretches his interpretation of the blues.  Big Boy Bloater & The LiMiTS are in the zone that delivers music that inspires and ignites a fire that gets your feet tapping and ears engaged from the first to the last note. Confirming there are NO! LiMiTS with Big Boy Bloater’s Life of Luxury.

Rejuvenated and empowered to produce music that counts reflecting experiences of a bout of depression, has resulted in darker music with personal inputs to the lyrics throughout Luxury Hobo. The album  around the breakdown, how we all have good things in our lives and yet still dissatisfied so the outcome medication is to feel normal. This is not an internalized, pain laden album it is full of up tempo beats, guitar, keys and vocals that you want to listen to. The lyrics have a lick of wit and with twists and the whiff of dark humour.

What a high-octane start with Devils Not Angels, you know this is not about saccharin sweet blues but blues with a gritty reality. Dark blues not baby blue music.  This is about reality of first observations that can be very deceptive. Then as if to prove a point the mood changes the licks are swampy and the textures  grind on mercilessly as It Came Out Of The Swamp.  Pumping swamp blues you feel the monster behind you as you listen the music and lyrics create the feeling of being scared and how we often react inappropriately. How easy it is to be misunderstood captured as he sings “it was cold and hungry, it just wanted to eat, but all the people, chased it up the street”, towns people reacted by attacking with a dystopian outcome because – they just didn’t understand!

Textures change, Hill Country music is explored on The Devils Tail and getting his attention is about You Tube Generation. Or in fact anyone fame-hungry and will do anything to be noticed even stamping on the Devils Tail. The following track half way through I Got the Feeling Someone’s Watching Me, picks up modern phenomena we hardly notice CCTV. With its change of tempo. With hand claps and Latin feel this is flamenco blues with Parisian style thanks to accordion licks.  This has the most Tom Waits feel as BBB vocals growls through the lyrics with a menace that is barely hidden this is track that captures the album in a luxurious nutshell.

The title track is modern British blues twisting blues and Rock n Roll to tell the tale and captivate with an infectious beat. As the album reaches the close the penultimate track shows a different side slower full of soulfulness a moment of calm. Closing with Not Cool Man – that may be the song but not the reality of the album.

Big Boy Bloater says “The basic idea of the title is we are all luxury hobo’s these days … I think the whole album is about modern day life and society”. Bluesdoodles has listened and agrees this is a soundscape of what many of us feel but do not have the talent to encapsulate in a 4 minute display of blues that may not be pure but is definitely mean dirty and very good.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Big Boy Bloater & The LiMiTS – Luxury Hobo – out 26th February on Mascot Label Group

Track Listing

  1. Devils Not Angels
  2. It Came Out Of The Swamp
  3. I love You (But I Can’t Stand Your Friends)
  4. The Devils Tail
  5. I Got The Feeling Someone’s Watching Me
  6. Luxury Hobo Blues
  7. Robot Girlfriend
  8. All Things Considered
  9. Not Cool Man

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