Navacross – All The way Home CD Review

Navacross All The Way Home Album Cover
Navacross – All The way Home – Hi4 Head Record (Jan 2013)

There is an inner confidence that shines through on Navacross’ second CD, this is a CD that is not tied to one style but melds and highlights a variety over the ten tracks. Navacross deploy the blues throughout with delightful grooves that hit you with a wall of sound that is fresh from the off with ‘Overload’ with its dirty guitar, slide and then the blues harp so that like the lyrics sung by Dean Baker it is a form of overload, as the chorus line states “my brain’s on overload” It is not a gentle sound that Navacross have produced this is an album that is foot stomping, with an inherent energy that makes you want to listen to more. ‘Open Your Eyes’ has a gentler tempo but it has strong lyrics that stops you from being lulled into a doze with its soothing melodies. ‘Waiting on The Line’ has a punchy British sound, with soaring harp and the drum setting a perfect rhythm , this is a self-contained number that works well by every instrument having its own space achieving that blending together of sound and then bursts as each instrument takes the lead, creating a very live almost jamming sound giving this track authentic energy. ‘Steer’ is the longest track and has a different tempo from the rest of the album more acoustic in feel, a little bit downbeat which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but perhaps when included among such jaunty tracks could have benefited from tighter editing so that it was a little bit shorter, despite this it is one of my personal favourites with some great drumming from Andy P. I love the lyrical link between the opening track and Clowns, musically the mix of slide and ukulele really work well giving the track a hint of country, ‘world is run by a bunch of clowns’ resonates with many people’s frustrations making this album relevant now and not tied into a another era whilst using lots of licks, styles and approaches from early blues, punk and other genres. What Navacross have managed to do successfully is mix them up creating their own modern sound that has depth of feeling, strong lyrics and great musicianship. The band have considered the ordering of the tracks so that there is a flow and ‘Too Much’ the penultimate track has a cheerful lively beat reflecting the chorus ‘I’m Alive’ reflecting the energy that is portrayed through this song the last track is the shortest and they leave you wanting to hear more. This is a CD worth adding to your collection and get to see them live as I am sure one of their gigs would be great fun.

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  2. what i have just read is awesome navaross are a awesome band i am also there number one fan i also listen to their songs almost every single day and i am always going on youtube to watch and listen to their videos

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