Mustangs Exploring Love & Life on Just Passing Through

Mustangs Exploring Love & Life on Just Passing Through

Mustangs Exploring Love & Life on Just Passing Through

Expect the unexpected with the eighth offering from The Mustangs. The blues-rock energy reformed and shaped into an album that explores the two key elements that are at the heart of the blues Love & Life. This is a blues concept album replete with gentle melodies, thought-provoking lyrics as we are Just Passing Through love & life with The Mustangs. Every album is a journey, this is full of exploration and blues that is contemporary and emotionally mature providing a new direction that works.
The album comprises thirteen tracks, divided into virtual two sides – Side One LOVE and Side Two LIFE. With its mix of Americana infused with blues riffs and sharp blues harp; the original songs have us passing through a myriad of emotions, summation of Love & Life. Just Passing Through is a train journey that has blues on the tracks and pulled by the allure of Americana.

The Mustangs meld with a touch of joy, a twizzle of sorrowful strong melodies, crisp storytelling lyrics and the searing harmonica from Dave Kingaby. Adam Norsworthy’s distinctive vocals shape the song and build on the hooks from his guitar and keyboard playing. The rhythms are tight adding tonal colour and depth to the numbers as Ben McKeown is joined by Jon Bartley.

Opening with rich acoustic guitar One Way Ticket looks at lover’s journey as we pass through this gentle, melodic country acoustic number a soft and gentle intro to and album that is a journey at a gentler pace, a slow burn rather than one that hurls through on the electric high-speed train to nowhere. Not an opening track that starts of in a rush, but thought-provoking and takes on a new musical journey from The Mustangs. The beat picks up as Hiding From The Rain pulls together the powerful marriage of slide guitar and blues harp. Fingerprints with a harder edge and the harp punctuates the beating drum as we become acquainted to sorrow. Why, the fingerprints give it all away … all over the broken heart. The guitar is a sharp anguished lick that pulls you into the despair of love shattered. The melodic beauty of Beautiful Sleeper has a haunting tone as it drifts and a surprise as the mood changes. How? The beat darkens with a fearful urgency and Just The Way It Is goes back to the delta with Just The Way It Is. Closing side one with Cry No More, a short number and sweeter and poignant for it’s brevity as the chain gang gospel inspired blues fades and the story of Life is the new concept.

As we step into Life courtesy of The Mustangs we are enjoying the up-tempo, smile inducing joyful Saturday Night. This is fun good time music. Will we be seeing a darker side of life or is this fun after the tears that love brings? The driving beat has your feet tapping as we investigate What Lies Within, the harmonies between Adam and the rest of the band’s backing vocals once again are a delight reflecting back the country twang of the guitar. No this isn’t a walk through the happy life park, there is a fly in the ointment or rather Vinegar Fly that resets the tone of this part of the album. The bass is raw, the guitar chops through the drumming and Adam’s vocals and deeper darker and definitely angrier. Through this grungy blues the harp is a sharpening punctuation. The song is intriguing and you want to listen to every note and word as the beat compels you to explore the Vinegar Fly.

With the album title Just Passing Through, the graphics on the cover a train and travel trunks the sense of travel moving through life’s experiences is the chord that holds the numbers together. It is fitting that we are on the highway Route 66 as we travel Somewhere to Nowhere. Throughout the album the guitar from Adam is emotive shaping the mood of the lyrics building from the bass line and drummer’s beat. The Mustangs implore you not to make the same mistakes as they have. Closing out with How Short the Stay a brief finale closing with the tolling of the bell.

The album may not be what you expect from The Mustangs, as they explore the music and life’s emotional journeys. We have the melancholy and sunshine. The production is superb, keeping the tone and direction crisp, no track is a back water that would have been better left off. A new departure for The Mustangs we love this palette of blues and more adopted throughout Just Passing Through. Different is definitely good when you are Just Passing Through with The Mustangs. Mustangs Exploring Love & Life on Just Passing Through; is definitely stopping in my record collection.

The Mustangs – Just Passing Through – Acrobat Music

UK Distribution via Discovery Records

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing


  1. One Way Ticket
  2. Hiding from The Rain
  3. Fingerprints
  4. Beautiful Sleeper
  5. Just The Way It Is
  6. Because It’s Time
  7. Cry No More


  1. Saturday Night
  2. What Les Within
  3. Vinegar Fly
  4. Save My Soul
  5. From Somewhere To Nowhere
  6. How Short The Stay

Produced by Adam Norsworthy & House of Tone
Recorded at Park Hall Studios, London
Album Mixed by Steve Wright & Wayne Proctor of House of Tone Productions at Y Dream Studios North Wales

UK Distribution via Discovery Records

Mustangs Exploring Love & Life on Just Passing Through

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