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This is an album drenched in the essence of the blues, that has been shaken and mixed up with a dash of a range of genres, country, Appalachian Folk, Funk and spoonfuls of authenticity creating music that is very very good.
Quivira is the opening track and cleverly is the title track; short intermission for history lesson – this is the place first mentioned by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in 1541. He visited Quivira when searching for the mythical Seven Cities of Gold, and now thought to be central Kansas he didn’t find gold but farmers and I reckon a few musicians as well as this is the land Moreland grew up in – great track telling the tale with a country twinge that works.. Now back to the fabulous music that Moreland and Arbuckle are producing this is a strong album with 13 tracks of music that wants to be heard and will keep you entertained.
The tracks all vary, the common theme being a chugging driving rhythm section really apparent on Tall Boogie whose beat gets those hips moving and feet just have to follow the beat, as the rootsy boogie is unleashed and you get a full on blast of musical energy. Road Blind really rocks with garage blues, some grungy beats and zingy guitar work from Aaron Moreland that puts you in mind of ZZ top with some rough edges. Dustin Arbuckle’s vocals are full of colour as he sings every word in the story he is telling on every track Bite Your Tongue is a little bit slower has a country blues ballad feel and his voice drives the track with sarcasm and clarity. This is an album where the three musicians M&A and drummer Kendall Newby create a huge sound proving once again it is about energy and talent rather than the number of band members, they produce a crescendo of sound . This is apparent on tracks such as The Devil In Me with its country rock and Kow Tow which adds into the mix is a generous dollop of funk.
Seven Cities is an album that keeps the energy levels high from beginning to end with a guitar that doesn’t dominate but has a big sound that blends and roars through the music so the vocals can shine with some precision drumming that keeps the men out front controlled and delivering rip-storming good music and when the last notes fade away… then listen again or one of their previous five albums.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD  

NINE  doodle paws

out of TEN ……… pawprint half inch

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