MONSTER TRUCK – Sittin’ Heavy

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MONSTER TRUCK –  Sittin’ Heavy

New Album released : 19 February 2016
Via: Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group



The Canadian hard-rockin’ juggernaut Monster Truck, releasing  Sittin’ Heavy  via their new European home Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group and Dine Alone Records for the rest of the World. Monster Truck have  successfully toured and now achieved the follow up album to Furiosity their attention catching debut. Sitting’ Heavy will sit with a rocking attitude in music collections from 19th February 2016

This is what the bands Monster Truck have opened for:-

“Monster Truck is one of the few really great down to earth rock ‘n’ roll bands… they’re hard, soulful and heavy” – Slash

“Monster Truck is the Real deal. Familiar. Comfortable. Like an old pair of gig boots or sweaty pig sex with an ex-girlfriend.” – Mike Inez (Alice in Chains)

“Holy Fuck, this band rocks” Dee Snider

Killer band, great guitar playing” Dave Navarro

Watch  brand new song ‘The Enforcer’ here:


Sittin’ Heavy is 11 tracks of high-octane, foot to the floor, raucous rock that picks up from where Juno Award nominated Furiosity left off. For the past two years since the debut dropped they have been hell-bent on putting Hamilton, Ontario on the rock ‘n’ roll map as they have, in true road warrior style, relentlessly been tearing through Europe, the US and Canada opening for the mighty bands including; Gun’s n Roses, Slash,  ZZ Top, and Rival Sons  as well as stepping up for blistering sets at Hammerfest and Download Festival in the U.K.

The months on the road has served to improve them as a band, just as it should, fundamentally because they looked around and learned. “Touring the last record we’ve been privileged to play with a lot of great headlining acts,” says guitarist Jeremy Widerman. “For instance, when we opened for Slash we would pick up on how accurately he controls the Wah pedal, and we wanted to include some of that in our own songs. Or touring with Alice In Chains and watching their vocal harmonies and realising that we needed to strengthen up in that area – so we did. There are so many little ways to hone our sound.”

If the album has a theme, it would be a steadfast refusal to be beaten down. Opener Why Are You Not Rocking? sets the tone, as out of your speakers it blasts the declaration “I don’t care about the weather, the band is here to play, I don’t care about tomorrow, we’re not going any way, all I see is right now, people together…rock n roll might save your life, might save your life tonight” before it throws down the battle cry “release your mind, set your spirit free”

“Yeah that’s it, basically,” Jon Harvey nods. “It’s a theme that we touch upon a lot. We’re saying don’t give up. Don’t put yourself down. I’m not a preacher but it’s important that message gets driven home.”


MonsterTruck1_byBrooksReynoldsMonster Truck are:

Jon Harvey (Vocals & Bass)
Jeremy Widerman (Guitar & Vocals)
Brandon Bliss (Organ & Vocals)
Steve Kiely (Drums & Vocals)


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