Monster Truck rolling into town Sittin’ Heavy

Monster Truck rolling into town Sittin’ Heavy

Monster Truck rolling into town Sittin’ Heavy



Monster Truck rolling into town are Sittin’ Heavy with stream molten heat of rock that is hot pouring from the speakers.  Opening with a question Why Are You Not Rocking? Monster Truck’s virulent infection provides in the music answer you will be minutes into the album. This is rocking with hard intent as the high adrenaline fuelled guitar and forceful drumming gets your rocking energy rising high with excitement. Canadian band Monster Truck creates a juggernaut of sound that makes you want to smile, jump like the second track the reaction is Don’t Tell Me How To Live! The voice pulls you deep into the track and now you are cleverly hooked with the title refrain ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’ as the guitar hooks the lyrics.  We all can relate to the song as we love our independence of lifestyle, music choice we relish the freedom of being ourselves.  Like all great rock, the music empowers us. The lyrics throughout are why we fall in love with rock music over and over again.

This album brings you layer upon layer of tonal textures and mixes, the tempo varies with the gradient from granite through to crystal clear quartz with jagged edges of interest. The wail is huge as Jon Harvey exclaims ‘that girls got a demon in her soul’ the music weaves a magical spell throughout She’s A Witch. Then we have a change of direction with deep Southern Rock Riffs as the song For The People, about the evils being conquered, drowned out by music with its cleansing purity of rock.  The energy is immense we all need time to breathe. This they do with Black Forest, ushered with thunder and Brandon Bliss piano the tone is muted as the storm rages in the distance. The emotion of the track centres around Jon Harvey’s vocals that curl around the gentler tempo. This is no sweet ballad there is a raw edge and the intensity builds creating a sonic landscape for Jon’s vocals to pour over.

The whole album takes you with surprises and the rocking rolling drive of Things Get Better proves the second half of Sittin’ Heavy is going to be as good as the first; leading in to a track that will be magnificent live. The Enforcer is a steely number with a huge sing-a-long chorus, setting down the iron fist of a band that wants to rock their audiences. The soul in the track and the album is deeply entrenched as Monster Truck wants to please the audience with variety and depth. Yes, the rhythms pound and the music is loud, but into this framework they have woven intricacies, deftness of musical touch and the power of the word sung well with a statement that is relevant and true.

Closing with a clarion call from the keys, Enjoy The Time opens with a clash and you know this is an album to be enjoyed and listened to often with relish until the next time you see them live. So in the meantime follow the Monster Truck lead – Sit Heavy and live life to the full being true to your rocker self.

The album reflects the months on the road with its power, energy plus a rawness that takes it out of the studio. Monster Truck sounds just keep growing  and developing in all the right directions since 2013 when Furiosity received a Juno Award nomination. Sittin’ Heavy is sitting mightily fine in my must listen to collection and deserves the monster doodles 10 paw rating.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy – Mascot Records

Track Listing

  1. Why Are You Not rocking
  2. Don’t Tell Me How To Live
  3. She’s A Witch
  4. For The People
  5. Black Forest
  6. Another Man’s Shoes
  7. Things Get Better
  8. The Enforcer
  9. To The Flame
  10. New Soul
  11. Enjoy The Time


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