The Milk Men Bringing Full Phat Blues To Your House

The Milk Men Bringing Full Phat Blues To Your House

The Milk Men Bringing Full Phat Blues To Your House



The Milk Men Bringing Full Phat Blues To Your House. This debut album produced by guitarist Adam Norsworthy is rich and creamy blues. Adam taking time out of driving wild horses with The Mustangs is now on a milk float with talented musicians. The Milkmen are Adam joined by Jamie Smy, vocals, Mike Roberts on drums and the son of Mick Green, Lloyd on Bass. This is no pedestrian milk float that The Milk Men are in charge of it is fully charged electric with a British fill as they deliver Full Phat Blues.

This debut is full of originals written by Adam or Jamie & Adam together. With a couple of tasteful covers, No Particular Place To Go, by Chuck Berry, Robert Johnson’s Dust My Broom and The Score by David Amy.

Opening with Make Mine A Double Adam’s smooth guitar hooks and builds up the tempo and then the vocals. Gruff full of swagger and attitude The Milk Men from the off are bringing a distinctive sound. Fresh and modern yet full of retro pizazz as they hark back to the gold top times of British R n’ B.  This is a collision of Wild Horses of the open sea and land as Mustangs collide with Pirates.

The album walks you at a fast pace from the days of  Johnny Kidd & The Pirates up the escalator to Dr Feelgood grooves then throwing in a heavy sound of rocking blues shaping the lyrical melodies around Rod Stewart. The Milk Men having absorbed the flavours shake the riffs, grooves and lyrics together creating Full Phat heavy blues with a twang of modernity, whilst never falling far from the rooted certainty of British interpretation of electric blues.

This is an album that makes you feel good, foot-stomping smiling with delight as those hands demand to be clapped. This is personified by Real Good Lookin and is returned to throughout the dozen tracks.  Get down a groove with a funky hip-swaying milkshake on a Pocketful of Pennies.  What does stand out is the smooth interaction between vocals and instruments. The guitar playing is sharp and the flow is balanced. No overlong self-indulgent solos this is a band playing music to be enjoyed.

The highlight of this smooth and tasty album is In The City. Sharp guitar opening syncopated and controlled, allowing Jamie’s vocals to power off the energy from Adam and the boys. As the album closes Dust My Broom reminds us of the heritage that the band is drawing from as we have an energised version leading into Wicked Lies to close the debut album. Slowing the tempo, changing the texture of sound we are left waiting to hear more music from The Milk Men.


The Milkmen Full Phat

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Make Mine  A Double
  2. She Don’t Rock N Roll
  3. Real Good Lookin
  4. She’s Coming Home
  5. No Particular Place To Go
  6. Pocketful of Pennies
  7. Is My Love  In Vain
  8. The Score
  9. In The City
  10. Bury The Gun
  11. Dust My Broom
  12. Wicked Lies

The Milk Men Bringing Full Phat Blues To Your House

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