Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock Live In Madrid

Michael Schenker Enter the Temple of Rock Live In Madrid


Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock
Live In Madrid




A true reflection of the modern age of attending a live concert with a sea of mobile phones held aloft, as the crowd anticipates with growing applause, drummer, keys, and the with a salute Michael Schenker arrives with his Flying V.

Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock Live In MadridOpening with UFO Doctor, Doctor Michael touches hands with his phalanx of fans as he announces it is Rock n’ Roll time and with a few notes played the atmosphere is electric.  The vocalist, ex Rainbow front man Doogie White  sung on though the audience themselves were happy to take on the singing duties as Michael’s fingers flew up and down the strings, everything was immaculate, precise and augmented by the Bassist Francis Buchholz and rhythm guitarist  Wayne Findlay all in harmony coming to the front. So Why Oh! Why? did Michael have the strings of his guitar untrimmed looking an irritating visual distraction? To be honest, nothing really deflected from the honest rocking sound from Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock. This is rock that refuses to make the sound over complicated it is Rock n’ Roll that hits the beat and entertains. The vocals had the clarity and depth to tower above the band as Lights Out is picked up. The rhythm section are superb this is the granite rock of the band with ex-Scorpions Bassist  Francis Buchholz and drummer Herman Rarebell giving a deep secure and stable foundation for Michael’s guitar antics. Lights may be out in London but definitely not in Madrid for this UFO classic.


Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock Live In MadridMichael’s guitars change but the rock stays focused, granite hard with sparkles of keys and resplendent guitar chords. Schenker’s eyes stare out with steely intent into the crowd as his fingers dance up and down the fret board. Everyone just standing in amazement and pure enjoyment as rock hit’s the bullseye. Madrid loved their moment in the spotlight when they were told to go crazy and see themselves in 4K, the chanting was definitely more football that rock n’ roll but certainly raised the temperature of the show.   A song dedicated tonight to those that died in Paris the week before as    Michael, Francis and Wayne Findley  swayed in unison a dance of  guitars the vocals kick in then straight into Victim of Illusion from Micheal Schenker Group. Whatever the power, skills and antics of the band all eyes and focus are on the smiling rocking colossus that is Michael Schenker.  Then we have a Scorpion pairing, Lovedrive with its vocals and the hefty rock instrumental Coast To Coast. The live atmosphere is building as the Temple of Rock delve into the back catalogue, UFO, Scorpions and the last three Temple of Rocks albums. This is a real opportunity to sit back and enjoy the entertaining rock driven antics of an axe-man who wields his guitar of choice with focused intent.

The double necked monster guitar, his new flying M, with two necks tuned differently was definitely not Too Hot To handle in the skillful hands of Schenker.

There is no argument that across the twenty-two tracks and the use of four Schenker guitars this hits the rock spot-on live and a little bit dangerous. The DVD recorded live at the Joy Eslava Concert Hall in Madrid on the 19th November illustrates that Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock is on a mission. Recorded less than a week after the Paris atrocities with the bombing of Bataclan it is not surprising they are in the thoughts of crowd and musicians alike as a tribute is paid.

If you can’t get to a live Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock gig or need a Schenker fix between live shows then this DVD fits the bill. It has everything of a live show and extras the drama of the moment is captured you just miss out on the heat and the electricity between the crowds and the artist on the stage.

A taster of what to expect on the main event a superbly produced DVD


Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Ocean Odyssey – Intro
  2. Doctor Doctor
  3. Live and Let Live
  4. Lights Out
  5. Where the Wind Blows
  6. Natural Thing
  7. Before The Devil Knows Your Dead
  8. Victim of Illusion
  9. Lovedrive
  10. Coast To Coast
  11. Vigilante Man
  12. Rock My Nights Away
  13. Saviour Machine
  14. Too Hot To Handle
  15. Only You Can Rock Me
  16. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
  17. Rock You Like A Hurricane
  18. Rock Bottom
  19. Horizons
  20. Attack Of The Mad Axeman
  21. Communion
  22. Blackout



The concert is available in the following formats:



  • 2 CD: INAK 9142 2CD
  • DVD: INAK 6193 DVD
  • Blu-ray: INAK 7193 BD
  • Limited Deluxe Edition: INAK 2016 LTD
  • BD 4K: INAK 7194 BD4K – as soon as can be manufactured



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