Michael Baker Making Dust & Bone Shimmer Musically

Michael Baker Making Dust & Bone Shimmer Musically

Michael Baker Making Dust & Bone Shimmer Musically


The debut album from Brighton’s Michael Baker is not dry as Dust & Bones, there is not a hint of morose self-indulgence. The reality across the ten tracks that make up Dust and Bones there is a lightness of touch and innocence that glows through the flowing melodies. It is more the openness of a sunny spring day than the closing down the year with a foggy autumn day.

The sound created flows and swoops you on a gentle ride that is full of soothing rhythms and lyrics that are thoughtful both simple and complex.  The album opens its doors into the world of Michael Baker with Steady & The Stuck a cascading chorus of sounds before the sting of the acoustic guitar pulls in the vocals from Michael. This is folk that is for the here and now with modern blending of tones and a waterfall of melodic chords and the vocals acting is much as an instrument as a bearer of lyrics that make sense and connect.

The title track as a melodic innocence with the beautiful gentle singing of Georgia Mason who entrances with her girlish quality that reflects the darker more mellow tones of Michael and acoustic.  The tonal quality is light and warm the very oxymoron of the title Dust and Bone.  Three tracks in and the music connects with less is more, Revolving Door 1 we never revisit the Revolving Door with its mesmerising Piano again, promising perhaps  another session with  a door that revolves perhaps that is  a gem for the next album.

This is an album that has one tempo a gentle gushing stream of freshness, there is no drama, not anthems or shocks. It retains interest with crisp production the use of Georgia’s voice and introductions on tracks like The River that has that quirky busking in the street feel. The River is upbeat foot tapping in a gentle soothing way. Closing with Some Kind, Michael Baker will have strengthened his fan base with Dust and Bones. If you love contemporary folk, singer/songwriters that have the ability to connect and music that calms the troubled soul then Dust and Bone is for you. Dust and Bones from Michael Baker, works as a piece of reflective music, it is  a debut album that lays out the musical stall of the artist as he builds on the success of previous releases Caroline and Keys To the Kingdom.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Steady & The Stuck
  2. Dust & Bone
  3. Revolving Doors 1
  4. Half My Love
  5. Pulling The Strings
  6. Only Human
  7. The River
  8. Slowly
  9. Anywhere Anytime Soon
  10. Some Kind

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