Meat and Candy exciting Music from Old Dominion

Old Dominion

Meat and Candy exciting Music from Old Dominion


The album exudes enjoyment from the first note this is music Old Dominion want us all to enjoy and have fun at the Meat and Candy party. Debut albums need to stamp a mark on the music scene and Meat and Candy does this with its playful twist and turns. The Rock n Roll, country vibe is strong. I defy anyone who listens to Old Dominion will not be tapping their feet, feeling the urge to smile dance and sing along to the catchy choruses.

Snapback opening for Meat and Candy sets the tone and tempo but do not expect eleven tracks that simply reflect the first. Old Dominion have the depth of approach to vary the feel good factor that is the common link. The dance beat of Half Empty flows with a Latin rhythm. The vocals are strong. The guitar work from lead guitarist Brad Tursi pitches the tonal clarity for Matthew’s Ramsey’s vocals to curl the lyrics round. Is the glass half full or half empty – Old Dominion has created a Country rock album that overflows with music that is sweet as candy and tasty as meat well cooked.

With so much feet tapping and dancing we need a cool beer and a chance to catch our breath, Nowhere Fast is acoustic and slower, is just that half way through the album. This is an acoustic track with energy and verve showing the depth of tonal and artistic range of Old Dominion.

Having heard and reviewed the single Break Up With Him, I knew what to expect. Yet again the power of the rhythm section courtesy of drummer Whit Sellers & bassist Geoff Sprung, the lyrical interpretation by Matthew and the swelling guitar chords this is a stand out track. Break Up With Him was the first song they wrote collectively together and it shows how high a bar the band set themselves.

Closing with We Got It Right the intro is intriguingly haunting again the power of having Trevor Rosen multi-instrumentalist in the band and the collective song-writing circle approach to composition. Every track has a tale to tell underneath the warm feel good sound they create there are tears and fears.

Old Dominion are worth listening too with their contemporary twist on country/rock that just loves the whole rock n’ roll vibe.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


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Track Listing

1. Snapback (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi)
2. Half Empty (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Matt Jenkins)
3. Wrong Turns (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Matt Jenkins)
4. Said Nobody (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi)
5. Crazy Beautiful Sexy (Matthew Ramsey/Josh Osborne/Ross Copperman)
6. Nowhere Fast (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Matt Jenkins)
7. Beer Can in a Truck Bed (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Matt Jenkins)
8. Break Up with Him (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Geoff Sprung/Whit Sellers)
9. Song for Another Time (Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi/Matt Jenkins)
10. Til It’s Over (Matthew Ramsey/Shane McAnally/Jimmy Robbins)
11. We Got It Right (Matthew Ramsey/Shane McAnally/Ross Copperman)

Listen and make your mind up with a back to the future video – Break Up with Him

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