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Another talented woman is stepping into the limelight of the British blues scene, talented singer-songwriter Malaya Blue whose debut album Bourbon Street is full of feisty lyrics and layers of musicality on this stylishly produced album. The album is a mix of originals with the honours shared between Mick Simpson – guitarist and Andy Littlewood – multi-instrumentalist. The vocals have a real blues edge that works well with the lyrics and the instrumentation with 14 classy tracks. The tempo across the album lacks variety so we do not really get a true idea of the vocal range of Malaya Blue who really has a voice you want to listen to. Though you get a real hint of the scope in ‘Lost Girl’ with horns courtesy of MEP collective and a blues-drenched reggae beat, this is a commercial cross-over sound that would work well on many a radio show. ‘The Lady sings The Blues’, is stylish full of yearning sweetness; this is a new version to the one she had a hit with in 2013 recorded at Mockingbird Hill. The lyrics of ‘Bluesville UK’ are very clever capturing the moment of now; whilst ‘Cold Hearted Man’ is Chicago style blues with some stunning guitar riffs, the instrumental solos are spot on they never go on a beat to long keeping the balance between vocals and guitar just right. This is an album that introduces a voice and style that could become a tour-de-force on the British blues scene certainly a name and voice to listen out for …

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