Make Your Way to Jennys Place Courtesy of Mike Ross

Make Your Way to Jennys Place Courtesy of Mike Ross

Make Your Way to Jennys Place Courtesy of Mike Ross


Make Your Way to Jenny’s Place Courtesy of Mike Ross. Why? This is modern contemporary music crossing and melding genres. Refusing to be confined to one room, he saunters through the rooms of Jenny’s place exploring tones and textures. What is never lost across the tracks is form and purpose. Every track belongs in Jenny’s Place.

Openeng with Bamboozled which opens with a crescendo of distorted keys we know this will be a contemporary ride. Bamboozled thought Mike Ross was an Americana rootsy guy. Only for a second when meaty guitar and vocals pulls you back with a fantastic sing-a-long, dance-athon chorus. Hooked? Definitely a resounding Yes!

All tracks have vim, vigour and a listenability that makes you want to hear the tunes live. By the third track, Dakota bluesy undertones are in control of the album. This is a number that takes on a guitar fuelled journey as the lyrics show you the path. The sound is thick as the dirt you kick up heading south from his hometown in the North-East to the seaside delights of Brighton. Dakota is a journey, not a place pinned down by geography. We all are on the go and the beat picks up with a caffeine-injected Coffee Can Telephone. A number that flows with a rocking and rolling pizazz and good fun until the string breaks! Every album needs that moment of fun as modern music is twisted and turned into a contemporary melting pot of styles. A number that is so retro it speaks to us now.

The almost-title track is Jenny (Sun Goes Down) Country Americana fusion on a gentle number that suits Mike’s warm vocals this is a beautiful number melodic and emotionally heartwarming. The chorus holds this melodic number. Following on is a magnificent brooding number. Dark Powder written in 12/8 minor blues capturing the darker side and the chords from the keys act as an echo of something just out of eyesight.  This is full of pain, anguish as the guitar cries and the vocals plead as we are journeying through addiction and hitting the crossroads of recovery. Personal and captivating blues.

Building on the success of his previous Americana Album Spindrift we all want to be seen listening to Jenny’s Place, this working title stuck as it felt right. Where and what is Jenny’s Place? It belongs to Jenny, Mike’s wife deep in the northern Swedish countryside. On Mike’s first visit he had a feeling of familiarity that he had been there before. Like the album, you have that deja-vu feeling as the music is familiar, warm and comforting like a sound blanket. What Mike has done is shifted the familiarity slightly to the left and right so there is nothing complacent about any of the tracks on Jenny’s Place.

You will not be Bamboozled by the end you will know with certainty that listening to the album is the right move. The mixing of quality deep blues with roots music into the Ross sound that fills the speaker with power and evocative playing and singing.


NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Mike Ross – Jenny’s Place  –  Taller Records

Released: 2nd March 2018
Format: Physical & Digital

  1. Bamboozled
  2. The Big Picture
  3. Dakota
  4. Coffee Can Telephone
  5. Baby I Love You
  6. Harpo
  7. Jenny (Sun Goes Down)
  8. Dark Powder
  9. Loveslide


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Make Your Way to Jennys Place Courtesy of Mike Ross

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