Lucy Zirins Sings To You Live At The Old Courts

Lucy Zirins Sings To You Live At The Old CourtsA live album with the young, talented vivacious Lancashire Lass Lucy Zirins, will always be beguiling full of songs and tales that sparkle like the clearest blue sky. Lucy with a smile in her voice brings to any audience a warmth as she shares her thoughts and the cascading laughter that makes any moment full of smiles and friendship.  Throughout the fifteen live tracks the interludes weaving the songs into the musically filled life of Lucy, performing since her teens she has a back catalogue of songs that are a memory box for her and you as you remember the first time you heard Lucy sing the song. With twelve originals, the album also has three covers that give the album breadth as acoustic blues, Americana and British Folk are explored through her guitar, sweet vocals and Andy Crowdy on bass or as Lucy describes The Big Guitar. Across the album are old favourites and two previously unreleased tracks.  From her EP What’s in Front of Me, Lucy opens the show with the title track. If Lucy is asking the question regarding her career it has to be one that will be filled with highs and the inner knowledge that audiences up and down the land and across oceans will always respond to the musical hug that is Lucy Zirins music. We then have the first dip into her acclaimed album Chasing Clocks with One Day Soon. We are now in the mellow, insistently tasty acoustic world of Lucy Zirins A Whirling exploration on gentle clouds pushed forward by a summer breeze.  The first of the two previously unreleased numbers Right Side of Wrong, is modernity and the traditional colliding into a delightful mix as is it the first song whose inspiration is taken from Netflix? In celebration of the darker side of politics of The House of Cards and we hear a deeper darker tone to the guitar and vocals.  The other unrecorded track is an upbeat party song Changing Ground. With a fairground excitement, the beat is like riding the merry-go-round as we are on the Zirins carousel of life in music as the audience joins in with some call and response.

The favourites are dispersed through this melodic journey full of warmth and friendship with Mercy, Wine and Worry In Tall Buildings and closing out with Stand By Me a reworking of a classic. With this is a delectable live album yes fans of singer/songwriter Americana roots music will always Stand By Lucy Zirins.


Live at the Old Courts – Lucy Zirins – Gingersnap Music
Released 18th December 2018

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Track Listing

  1. What’s In Front Of Me
  2. One Day Soon*
  3. Interlude: The Big Guitar
  4. Tearing Me Down*
  5. Interlude: Netflix
  6. Right Side of Wrong*
  7. Interlude: Hi Dad
  8. Separate Ways*
  9. Interlude: First BBC Session
  10. You Won’t Remember Me*
  11. In Tall Buildings (Hartford)
  12. Make Me Down A Pallet on Your Floor (trad)
  13. Interlude Bins & Moisturiser
  14. Mercy*
  15. Changin Ground*
  16. Worry & Wine*
  17. Goodnight*
  18. Interlude: Thanks & Cottage Pie
  19. Stand By Me (Nelson/Leiber/Stoller)

*Composed by Lucy Zirins

Lucy Zirins Sings To You Live At The Old Courts

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