Live Music is Better Listen Here to Jon Spear Band

Live Music is Better Listen Here to Jon Spear Band

Live Music is Better Listen Here to Jon Spear Band



Who doesn’t agree that music heard in a venue full of atmosphere, friends and people digging the music you love is just the best entertainment. Sometimes, though it is just brilliant to curl-up stay indoors and listen to your music we have the answer Live Music is Better Listen Here to Jon Spear Band, Live at The Southern.

If you like your blues shaken with ripples of funk, soul, and a R&B vibe then this is your stop on the platform of music on offer.  Jon Spear Band have captured a clean live sound, with just enough spoken interaction to make the music stand out from the studio version. With a dozen tracks we get to know the band well and meet some guests bringing a blues tonal depth to the event Live at The Southern.

We start, the evenings journey on The Devil’s Highway, the vocals are full the interaction between Dara James on lead and Jon on Rhythm full of interest with guitar solos that slipping and sliding around the rhythm section, bassist Andy Burdetsky and John Stubbenfield on drums.

For an opening track the guitar solo is long will the audience keep their interest? The question is answered with a resounding yes, with a delightful version of Robben Ford’s Nothing To Nobody.  Again the vocals are mellow the guitar work superb, what  lifts this number is the introduction of  saxophone from Haywood Giles and keys with a mellow flow from Adrian Duke.

The live Jon Spear Bands intriguing and different version of the Neville’s Brothers Cissy Strut gains and retains your attention. The bass once again is a fat full sound that pulls in the guitars and the undertones from Sax and organ as the night gets funky and cool giving this classic a welcomed outing. Following one eight-minute display we have a second long track with Have You Ever Loved a Woman with Freddie King’s classic speared and captured in the net of smooth blues ballads tonight.  Beginner Blues, a Frankie Miller number demonstrates as through these cool cats are no blues slouch they add that captivating mix of guitars, vocals and a driving rhythm. The covers are done with panache, capturing the essence of the original whilst giving them the bands personal interpretations. Into this mix are some self-penned numbers, The first of these is Old Soul, the vocals have a quality that make the lyrics pop out like a firework above the guitar and bass that you ears what to listen to with the crying sax makes the sound yearning blues. The piano intro is greeted with warm applause in a foot tapping number that has a feel good fun factor, as the beat takes us down to New Orleans to a Juke Joint searing sax and honky tonk make for a captivating combo. Closing with a track title I will not be arguing with Live Music is Better, The guitar has a stinging clear quality that Jon uses to full effect making you want to turn off the home music and go find a live gig. The album is a true shout out and celebrations of the power of live blues close up and dirty.

Recorded live November 2015  at  Recorded live at the Southern Café and Music Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Jon Spear Band – Live Music Is Better

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Devil’s Highway
  2. Nothing to Nobody
  3. Shake Your Boogie
  4. Before The Bullets Fly
  5. Cissy Street
  6. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
  7. Old Soul
  8. Blues About You Baby
  9. I Love My Skin
  10. Paid In Full
  11. Beginner at the Blues
  12. Live Music Is Better

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