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Ediie MartinLive In Tuscany Alive with Eddie Martin’s Big Red Radio
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Live In Tuscany Alive with Eddie Martin’s Big Red Radio – this is a new project the mix of musicians sound and excitement makes the 3 years for the blues Maestro to connect to the right people worth every conversation it took. Eddie Martin you have once again surprised us with a new approach that captures modern blues rooted in the past and stretching out to a brave new musical world.
This is a blues album alive with fresh, concentrated energy that is electrifying as the country blues, acoustic and the freedom of musical self-expression. Eddie Martin’s Big Red Radio has distilled rock with blues and acoustic so that every radio station will want to play at least one track loud and very often.
Opening a capella Blues Took Me By The Hand with the fervor of gospel and then glorious harp that reflects the lyrics; and the music picks up the tempo with layers of distinct musical colours this is blues that has lyrics, singing and joy, blues is still rocking and rolling in the hands of Eddie Martin.

The song writing is inspired and the shaping of tone makes the album exciting to listen to from the first note through to the closing phrases of Steam Train; like a journey the tracks surprise and you never know what is around the corner.
The dozen tracks are inventive keeping at the heart the shape of the blues, How Can This Be has a high-speed tempo with control redolent of hill country blues with a British twist as Eddie sings the lyrics and blows the harp. Shaped like an orchestral production the sound is huge with the drumming from Matteo Sodini shaping the beat. The centre of Bavaria and inspiration for a blues song do not naturally connect – Inglostadt proves you wrong in the hands of Blues maestro Eddie Martin and his Italian band. European blues reflecting travelling to Inglostadt with lots of angst and stress in a number with a fat and deep groove and the lead break from guitarist Albeto Guissi is sublime. Want a change of tempo and shape Watching The Weather is no sedate weatherman but a rocking tornado of a storm. The simple percussive opening of the track gives a hint of the tempest that is going to swirl around you as you listen, the sound opens up with harp and drum this is gutsy rootsy blues that as grown into a huge rocking tempest of musical joy. Who would want a Month of Mondays, no-one that is unless you are loving every moment and not as Eddie and the band slow down the beat and lower the temperature with an elegant number.
The blues is sizzling and the guitar licks and riffs are full of attitude with harp playing that has the wildness of a dervish dancing in a sandstorm with the addition of the gospel choir and singing this is an album that has shaken any dust or cobwebs lurking in the box of musical soul called the blues. Blues is alive and kicking with music being stretched, developed and re-shaped by the artful hands of Eddie Martin and Big Red Radio, Live In Tuscany is modern music that excites the rhythms in your soul.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Blues Took Me By The Hand
2. Throw Me A line
3. How Can This Be?
4. Five Things
5. Ingolstadt
6. Something About You Baby
7. Watching The Weather
8. Intermezzo
9. Month of Mondays
10. Flowers to the Desert
11. Love and Understanding
12. Steam Train

Eddie Martin – Vocal, National Resophonic, Electric and Slide Guitars, Rack Harmonica
Alberto Gurissi – Keyboards
Luca Giovaccinni – Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
Michela Lombardi – Vocals
Matteo Sodini – Drums
Marco Bacci – Bass
Alolekan Babalola – Percussion
The Jubilation Gospel Choir of Livorno

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