Listen To Beoga Before We Change Our Mind

Listen to Beoga Before We Change Our Minds

Listen To Beoga Before We Change Our Mind

This is Irish music full of tradition, shared folk memories and family conversations, laughs and tears around the fireside. Beoga with open minds as they shape the tradition re-forming it with gently supple musician’s fingers with twentieth-century influences, blues riffs, flowing jazz and New Orleans party time is incorporated into the jigs and twirls.

The product of a five-year break from the recording studio Before We Change Our Mind is an album shaped with a confidence and maturity. The album is full of swirling dance music that has a sense of fun there is a mischievousness behind the clarity of the music. With the opening instrumentals, the musicianship is the centre of attention especially the guitar of Seán Óg Graham and piano of Liam Bradley on Eochaid and the echo of Eamon Murray’s bodhrán and the accordion of Damian McKee. Then is time for Niamh Dunne to give voice on The Bonny Ship, The Diamond and the mood changes as the voice gives a different timbre to the music. The vocals add interest to a predominantly instrumental album, as Niamh gives voice on Farewell To Carlingford, Like A Dime and Wexford Town mixing the traditional and their own compositions.

The instruments dominate the album, Aurora glimmers reflecting the shades within Irish music as intriguing as a sky held mesmerized by the lights of every hue of an Aurora. The title track has a bouncy percussion and is in a hurry to accomplish the dance before We Change Our Minds as the accordion picks up the fervor and the piano adding stability. Closing with the last instrumental Valhalla a drinking hall of musical delight as we absorb the beauty of traditional music that has a lightness of touch that is shaped by other influences but always comes home to the original with authentic charm.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. The Homestead Hero
  2. Eochaid
  3. The Bonny Ship, The Diamond
  4. Aurora
  5. Farewell to Carlingford
  6. The Convict
  7. Jump The Broom
  8. Like A Dime
  9. Before We Change Our Mind
  10. Wexford Town
  11. Valhalla

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